How to Furnish a Dorm Room for Under $750 at Costco

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Outfitting a dorm room is no easy task. In some ways, furnishing an entire dorm room is more effort than it takes to furnish a home or apartment. With such little space to work with, most pieces need to be multi-functional, and considering that most college students are on a budget, you're looking for decor that is pleasing to the eye, but also realistic.


Back-to-college shopping is a complex, ever-growing industry in and of itself. A 2019 back-to-college survey from Deloitte found that parents typically prepare to spend approximately $1,362 per student. That's the equivalent of $25.1 billion, total, on students heading back to college. Others have estimated that back-to-school shopping could become a $83 billion dollar industry. When you're a parent who doesn't have as much excess money to work with or a college student preparing to furnish your space solo, those are terrifying numbers.

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Luckily, savings-favorite Costco is here to save the day. While you might think about food or bulk products when you think about Costco, the brand actually has pretty much everything you need to decorate an ​entire​ dorm room, which typically contains a bed, desk and chair, trash can, a dresser or chest of drawers, and perhaps a closet.

Don't believe me? Scroll on down to see how you can furnish an entire dorm room for under $750 at Costco.


1. Charisma Soft 100% Hygro Cotton 4-piece Hand and Washcloth Towel Set, $10.99

Because adulthood means finally stocking your own towels. And yes, doing the laundry, too!


2. Trinity Bamboo 2-tier Shoe Rack (2-pack), $49.99

Going to college means having a ton of stuff in a tiny space. One solution: ensure that everything has a place. This chic shoe rack works well whether you tuck it into your closet, under your bed — or if you choose to keep it on display.


3. CleverMade All Purpose Laundry Caddy (2-pack), $34.99


Remember how we said laundry? Laundry is no joke when you're away from home. These bags offer a lot of bang for their buck — they're reinforced so you don't have to worry about your weeks of unwashed clothes ripping through and tumbling to the ground on your way to the laundry room.


4. Alera 3-Tier Wire Rolling Cart, $47.99

Most dorms don't have a kitchen, and if they do, it's likely communal. Keep your snacks and beverages tucked away on a functional rolling cart like this one. Consider it your kitchen on wheels.


5. Rustic Framed Magnetic Dry Erase Board, $39.99

From homework assignments to fun notes from roommates, a dry erase board is a must for any dorm room. The rustic detailing on this one is an added bonus, too.



6. Clear Floating Acrylic Frames (2-pack), $59.99

Friends from home, family you're missing, and new friends, galore — display the people you love on your walls, and they'll never be too far away. Pro tip: Shop unique prints from small creators and store them in these frames for affordable artwork.


7. All Season Reversible Pillowtop Mattress Pad, $59.99

Because adulthood means never sleeping on a dirty mattress. Plus, this one will keep you cool.


8. OXO Cereal Keeper (2-pack), $19.99

Store your breakfast in these space-saving containers perfect for your new rolling kitchen cart.


9. Beautyrest Black Pillows (2-pack), $34.99

High-quality, but affordable, these pillows will help you survive late nights out and long nights studying.

10. Molecule Performance Sheet Set, $39.99

Pair fresh sheets in cozy fabrics with a thick mattress pad and supportive pillows, and get all of the sleep you need to prepare for those busy, busy college days. And yes, it comes in a Twin XL size!

11. Brentwood Originals Modern Farmhouse Woven Decor Pillow, $24.99

These pillows are as sturdy as they are minimalist, making them a great fit for late nights studying while curled up.


12. Sheer Linen Blend Curtains (4-pack), $32.99

Curtains are one of the easiest ways to transform your space. Pro tip: Hang them around smaller windows to fake a larger space.

13. Umbra Wall Vessel (set of 3), $27.99

Add a trio of air plants for a simple wall accessory that will be super easy to maintain.

14. Microfiber Down Alternative Comforter, $29.99

Perfect for getting cozy and keeping cold temperatures at bay.

15. Ultrabrite Flex LED Desk/Task Lamp With Wireless Charging, $29.99

This desk lamp doubles as a wireless charging station. Plus, it can easily be adjusted to become a reading light.

16. O'nin Room Divider with 8 Storage Bins, $139.99

Because you can never have too much storage. The best part is that this item can be used horizontally or vertically, depending on how much available space you have.

17. Umbra Prisma Jewelry Storage Set, $34.99

In addition to storing your jewelry, this set can serve as a catch-all tray.



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