11 Black Photographers Whose Art Prints You Can Buy Online Now

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"Southern Woman in White Dogwoods"

If you're looking to refresh your space, photographs are a great way to add personality to any room. We rounded up a list of Black photographers whose prints you can buy online, and their work ranges from intimate portraits to international landscapes.


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Check out the 11 photographers below to find unique pieces that are sure to upgrade your place ​and​ start a conversation.

Kirth Bobb's portfolio of photos includes Caribbean architecture and snapshots of everyday life. Born in Guyana, the D.C.-based photographer's prints are produced in vibrant colors as well as bold black and whites. Bobb's photography career started with family and wedding photography before he shifted to street photography. He told Confluence Magazine, "It all boils down to the fact that I love making photographs and telling stories."

"Rufus Phillips"

For the past eight years, Jaimie Milner has been building a portfolio by taking photos of Black men, in part to dispel negative stereotypes. Milner described her work to Tappan Collective as "emotional, intimate, and heartfelt," and the Los Angeles-based professional has said that living in Southern California has left her searching for community and connection, which influences her work. Milner's photos are full of softness and joy and often feature close-up portraits of her subjects.

Jasmine Durhal is a freelance photographer who currently resides in Los Angeles and has worked with companies like Nike and ​Essence​. Durhal's prints mostly focus on Black women, with bright, saturated images taken from unique angles. Durham told Voyage LA, "What sets me apart from most photographers I think is my concept of just being in my own lane. I admire the color and I continue to create with it in innovative ways."


Tristan Onfroy, who also goes by Tristan Vision, took an interest in photography by documenting skateboarders around his Brooklyn neighborhood. Soon after, he bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles and discovered editorial and commercial photography. Onfroy's photos include lush landscapes and snapshots of international destinations like Budapest, Portugal, and the Philippines.

Some of Aaron Ricketts's past clients include Converse, Vice, and Puma. His photography consists mostly of stark portraits, many of them with a surreal element. Ricketts started a career in photography after finishing an enlistment in the Air Force, and he told Respect Magazine, "I'm motivated to get up every morning because I love what I do, every day is a new experience and you will never know what's going to happen that might change your life."

Adaeze Okaro is a self-taught photographer from Nigeria whose work is inspired by her family's photo albums. Okaro's prints are mostly striking portraits of Black men and women wearing traditional Nigerian clothing, and her photos are available in vivid color as well as black and white. Okaro has also worked with companies like Dove, VSCO, and Adobe.


"Southern Woman in White Dogwoods"

North Carolina native Ashley Johnson takes photos that celebrate her Southern, Black culture. Her photos have rich earth tones and some include still lifes, hand portraits, and a collection of images celebrating Black hair and Black women's femininity. Johnson told Framebridge, "I'm a Southern woman. It's such a huge integral part of my identity, both the way I engage with the world and the space around me."

As a graduate of The School of Visual Arts in New York City, Erica Genece has an intimate understanding of both fashion and the human body. The photographer and filmmaker is also inspired by travel, which shows up in her work. Genece's photographs feature rural scenes of Haiti and Puerto Rico, and her portraits include Black men and women dressed in various statement pieces.

"Sunrise in Nepal"

Kwaku Alston is a celebrated Los Angeles photographer whose subjects include Taraji P. Henson, Serena Williams, and former President Barack Obama. Alston has also shot for major magazines including ​Essence​, ​Time​, and ​New York Magazine​. His collection of prints for sale reflect the photographer's range — his portfolio includes a photo of a sunrise in Nepal, a vintage Volkswagen, and a portrait of revelers at Carnival in Brazil.


Mark Clennon writes on his site that his goal is "to capture the Black experience in its totality," and the New York photographer has been working in editorial, commercial, and documentary photography since 2017. Clennon has a long list of clients that include ​Esquire​, ​The New Yorker​, and ​W Magazine​, and his prints include mostly cityscapes and portraits of Black women that have a soft, dreamlike quality.

Gregory Prescott is a self-taught photographer who focuses on the beauty and sensuality of the human body. A current Los Angeles resident, Prescott's portfolio includes stunning minimalist portraits and snapshots of human intimacy. Prescott told Framebridge, "I felt like we as Black people should appreciate ourselves more as works of art. Today we are seeing it more, but back in the '80s and '90s it was pretty rare, so my mission was to shine light on the beauty of not only my people, but a broader spectrum of beauty altogether."


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