6 Summer Trends Designers Are Tired of Seeing

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Oh summer, how we love you so. It's the perfect time to fire up the grill, start a garden, and spruce up outdoor spaces for the new season. And while some summer elements are undeniably classic — like linen fabric and live plants — others might need to take a hike. Read on to learn about summer home trends that are becoming old news, according to interior designers.


1. Extravagant Outdoor Water Fountains

According to Linda Hayslett, designer and founder of LH.Designs, lavish outdoor water fountains are outdated. "Having a water feature to [reduce] noise or make a relaxation area is a great idea, but [it shouldn't] be highlighted with spotlights and a fish or mermaid on top," Hayslett tells Hunker. Instead, she recommends choosing a water fountain that's simple and part of the landscape, which offers a more timeless and stylish look.

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2. Wrought-Iron Furniture

Thanks to its durability and longevity, wrought-iron furniture was a patio staple for many years. The catch? Wrought iron can be cold and stiff, making it unpleasant to sit or relax on, Hayslett says. What's more, Hayslett adds that wrought-iron pieces typically have "traditional detailing such as swirls, flowers, and other ornate designs, making them even more uncomfortable." Needless to say, this type of furniture isn't ideal for a casual, chill time during outdoor summer hangouts.


3. Heavy Coastal Themes

According to Sara Queen, the senior designer at Lisa Queen Design, the overdone coastal themes will set sail this summer. "Ditch the kitschy signs for more evergreen coastal decor like beach photography or a vintage surfboard, if you have the right place for it," Queen tells Hunker. This way, she says, "You can still achieve a coastal feel through texture, color, and art while keeping the decor classy and timeless."


4. Folding Beach Chairs

This summer, save your folding beach chairs for, well, the beach. "The folding beach lawn chair had its moment in the '80s and '90s, but it's definitely not a trend that's coming back," Hayslett explains. These woven chairs — which look like they're made of seatbelts woven together — have been replaced with better, more stylish furnishings made of wood, wicker, and concrete, says Hayslett.


5. Matching Outdoor Furniture Sets

Say goodbye to matchy-matchy summer furniture, which can make your outdoor space look like a catalog. "It can be tempting to purchase a whole matching set, but try to mix the pieces a bit," recommends Queen. For example, you can choose matching seating furniture with different fabrics, plus loungers by the pool from a different collection altogether, she says. The key is to make sure all the pieces coordinate via a specific theme or color palette, like jewel tones or pastels.


6. Indoor Wicker Furniture

"[Indoor] wicker furniture makes your interior space feel outdated, since it was quite prevalent in the late '80s and early '90s," Sharleen Pyarali, interior designer and founder of Clickable Curations, tells Hunker. Instead, she says, "Keep wicker furniture outdoors near the patio, porch, or pool where it's most functional." Still want to feature natural materials inside? "Add the neutral colors and textures of wicker with smaller pieces, such as a rattan pouf or a bamboo-framed mirror," suggests Pyarali.



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