Create a Backyard Cool-Down Station Both Kids and Adults Will Love

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The best part about summer? All the outdoor time. But on particularly steamy days, entertaining a group of your friends or family (something you usually look forward to) can sound like a recipe for a very hot disaster.


To combat that, we're giving you a new recipe: one for a backyard cool-down station that both kids and adults will be overly excited about (but will still go with the look of your outdoor space). All the products can be found at Walmart, meaning they're affordable — and they'll seem even more so once you realize how invaluable a functional cool-off spot is.

Play Day 10 Foot Inflatable Family Pool, $24.97

Whether you're entertaining family or throwing an adults-only hang-out, everyone will appreciate an inflatable pool (even just for a quick foot dip) on a hot summer day. And the fact that it's inflatable means you can take it down after a day of fun — aka no ruined grass.

Best Choice Products 10ft Offset Hanging Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella, $89.99

A stay-cool station isn't going to be cool for long without some shade. Instead of relying on your surroundings, guarantee a shady spot with a chic, giant patio umbrella. This one comes in a variety of colors, so pick a ​shade​ that matches your backyard.

Mainstays Belden Park Cushion Steel Outdoor Chaise Lounge, $117


Next up, add a couple chaise lounge chairs for your guests to gather and lounge comfortably. The orange and white design on these is perfectly bright and summery.

Igloo 48-Quart Laguna Ice Chest Cooler, $16.88

Frosty beverages are an obvious must-have for any backyard cool-off station. Fill this one with ice (it can keep ice frozen for up to five days with the lid closed), and add a variety of drink options.

AME Summer Cooling Towel, $6.91

These cooling towels are the genius summer accessory you didn't realize you needed. Fill a bucket with cold water, then throw a handful of these in it. When guests need to cool off, they can just grab a towel.

Best Choice Products Hanging LED-Lit Curved Chaise Lounge Chair, $249.99

For a super relaxed lounging experience, this chaise comes with its own umbrella, pillow, and light. Perfect for the days you're looking to chill in the sun by yourself, without overheating.


NZND Outdoor Misting Cooling System, $25.66

No pool, lake, or ocean nearby? Hook the hose up to this tube system to create a nice mist to run through, or camp out by on super hot days.

Prextex 600 Water Balloons, $7.99

And when all else fails? Grab the hose and fill up a ton of water balloons. Because a casual water balloon fight can be fun for kids, amuse adults and — most importantly — successfully keep everyone cool.