How to Heat a Blow-Up Swimming Pool

Blow-up swimming pools are an inexpensive and easy alternative to a permanent pool structure. In addition, they are temporary, so they can be removed when not in use. One drawback to a blow-up swimming pool is the inability to attach a pool heater to the unit. Most blow-up pool manufacturers advise against doing so as it creates electrocution risks which could result in serious injury or even death. Because of this, it is tricky, however, not impossible, to get a blow-up pool to a comfortable temperature at the start of the swimming season.

Step 1

Attach a garden hose to an indoor or outdoor water supply that has both hot and cold water. The faucet will need to have the same fittings as the hose to attach it correctly.

Step 2

If your hose does not have the same fitting as the faucet, you can purchase the appropriate fitting at a hardware store. Many faucets have a threaded filter over the faucet opening. Remove this filter and attach the hose fitting in its place.

Step 3

Turn on water to desired temperature and begin to fill the pool. This usually takes a minimum of two hours, depending upon the size of your pool.

Step 4

When pool is full, put in pool chemicals according to manufacturer suggestions and enjoy your blow-up pool.

Step 5

Roll a solar blanket across your pool when you are not using it to help maintain warmth when the outside temperature dips. This will also warm the water when not in use by intensifying the sun's natural effects on the pool water.