7 Reading Nook Design Ideas We’re Stealing From Instagram

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Is there anything more comforting than a cozy reading nook? Even just browsing through photos of these sweet setups makes us instantly feel calmer. To aid in creating our very own reading nooks, we'll be stealing the following ideas from Instagram.


1. Carve out a bookshelf space.

We love how @alexandra_nordwest arranged their bookshelves so that there is a space for an armchair. Naturally, they also surrounded the chair area with fairy lights.

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Get the look:South Shore Axess Bookcase, $91.99

2. Utilize under-the-stairs space.

Even Harry Potter would love this staircase nook created by Brooke Wagner Design.


Get the look:Pottery Barn Universal Entryway Bench Cushion, $119

3. Make it work with a cute cushion.

We're loving this floral print cushion that @little_grays designed for a kid's reading nook and play area. It proves that even a simple cushion can serve as a nook furnishing.


Get the look:Patuu Living Floor Cushion Play Mat, starting at $75.79

4. Arrange a balcony setup.

If you have a balcony, consider copying @gozdee81 and their stunning balcony space. Between the pink accents, warm lights, and florals, we want to spend the rest of our lives reading there.



Get the look:Noble House Lainey Outdoor 3-Seater Daybed, $674.34

5. Consider corner-specific seating.

We love how @caitengler_realestate was able to carve out a designated reading space with a single piece of corner-specific seating. The gallery wall and floor lamp also help to make the area its own.


Get the look:Langley Street Velvet Lounge Chair, $479.99; Hemp Organic Life Reading Nook Cushion, starting at $145

6. Use the rule of four.

In quite a few #readingnook photos, we've noticed that many people have the following four items: a seating area, a small table, a plant, and a light source. This is perfectly demonstrated in the above nook created by @michoneharris.


Get the look:Jayden Creation Anemone Armchair, $288.40; Catchii Terracotta Side Table, $185.63; The Sill Large Ficus Alii, $108; George Oliver Decorian Floor Lamp, $71.99

7. Transform a closet.

One of our favorite reading nook trends on Instagram has to do with closets. Essentially, bookworms like @no7renovate are taking the doors off their closets so they can turn them into reading nooks. As you can see in the above photo, even a small closet will do.

Get the look:Mercer41 Sheepskin Chair Pad, $99



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