12 Ways People Are Using Branches as Decor (as Seen on Instagram)

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For the decor obsessed, changing things up at home by adding special touches to table tops and shelves feeds the soul. One of the trends we're seeing work beautifully in almost any room is using a branch or two as focal points, and we really can't get enough of it. From cherry blossoms to bamboo, here are some inspired branches we spotted on Instagram that truly elevate their surroundings.


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1. Working from home seriously never looked so good. Athena Calderone's grid gives us all the feels all the time. She constantly uses branches in ways that are truly a dream. For real though, just look at the elegance these blossoms add to this already glamorous office. To die for.

2. Bringing a touch of nature inside is always a good idea. But bringing a barrel of branches to create some serious wow factor in a large concrete vase is next level. This look from Khanyi Living is the perfect combo of high-end luxury and rustic minimalism at its finest. Sure we may not have 20 foot ceilings, but we're still feeling this for a smaller scale, too.


3. Why not add a lovely large vase with some gorgeous branches right smack in the middle of your kitchen island? We adore how this gorgeous arrangement works so well in this stylish space from Studio McGee.

4. A branch found while on a seaside stroll or a walk in the woods could serve as both a memento of a special moment and a perfect piece to add some texture to a shelf like My Hunter Gatherer styled here. You don't need a vase to make the case for branch decor.


5. Kristin Rodin styled this chic minimalist apartment in Copenhagen with lots of white and cream tones. But this large green vessel sits on its own like an ancient piece of sculpture giving the branch a naturally lit moment to shine. It's breathtaking.

6. A coffee table is always the perfect place to showcase some personal touches. Just look at this large glass vase with a set of dried branches in Laura Verschuur's ever evolving living room. It's just so good.


7. If you have pottery you want to give a little glow up to, adding a branch to a vessel is a lovely way to make it stand out. Look at this pretty pair we spotted on Humble Living Co. The rough texture of these ivory vases gets balanced out by the simplicity of the natural beauty resting inside.

8. Okay, we may not be scientists, but there's something about adding branches with some greenery into your space that decreases stress, right? Take this stunning placement we saw by VSQ Design and Decorate. The mix of earth tones and marble is a soothing masterpiece.


9. How about a branch of bamboo hanging over your headboard? Doce Lar created this sweet piece to hang anywhere you want to add a little touch of nature. What better place than say, right where you can see it after waking up after a good night's sleep?

10. We're seeing people use branches hanging overhead as a sort of earthy chandelier with striking results. Snap Happy Home switches out the look of this branch seasonally, even adding holiday themes. It's definitely giving us happy home feels.


11. We got instantly inspired by this post from This Home Grows. The beautiful large green branch not only brings the outside inside, it instantly makes the room feel vibrant. Even on a dreary day, a branch like this can make it feel like springtime year round.

12. Where you place a set of branches can transform a space and add some gorgeous dimension. Take this pretty dried arrangement we spotted on Beloved Mary's feed that stays in step with its neutral surroundings but still stands out because it's just so pretty.


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