8 Under-$200 Decor Items to Help You Carve Out a Privacy Nook at Home

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If being hunkered down at home for the past year has taught us anything, it's how crucial a little privacy can be. "It has always been important to have your own private sanctuary in your home, even if you live alone," says interior designer Jenelle Lovings. "A place that is just for you and uninterrupted from the rigors of daily life, is required for self-care."


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Looking for a chic and affordable way to score some much-needed solo time at home? From stylish sound-absorbing hanging panels to folding screens with built-in storage shelves and more, here are eight designer-recommended decor items for under $200 that can help you carve out a designated privacy nook in any size space.

The only thing better than an affordable room divider is one that helps absorb unwanted sounds. "These fun panels are a great way to break up a space, because you can arrange them in a variety of ways to create a unique pattern," Lovings says. "What I love most, is that these have acoustical properties, which add an extra layer of privacy to your space by reducing noise!"

A cool bamboo curtain can close off an open doorway or living zone without sacrificing an inch of style. "I absolutely love this bohemian beaded curtain from Urban Outfitters," says interior designer Maureen Stevens. "You can add one to a closet, entryway, or between bed posts to visually define a space."

A folding screen with built-in shelving can turn a cramped corner into a proper privacy nook in no time. "What I love most about this room screen is that it has shelving incorporated into it, so you get both privacy and storage," Lovings explains. "Style the shelves with books, decor, or plants to carve out a warm and inviting reading nook."


If you ask interior designer Gray Walker, curtain walls are the sleekest way to section off a room without breaking the bank. "You can create a special hideaway in your home by installing a ceiling mount track set from Room Dividers Now," she says. "I like to work from my wall color so the curtain wall just melts in like part of the whole!"

A tall bookcase with open shelves can help break up a space while supplying ample storage opportunities. "I love the design of this shelf," Lovings says. "The alternating planes and interjection of solid pieces create such an interesting composition, it could stand alone without any additional accessories."

An antique-inspired folding screen can transform an empty corner in your bedroom into a chic meditation zone in seconds. "I use this folding screen in a corner of my bedroom so that it looks great from all angles, but I can hide away behind the screen and go into my meditation zone," says interior designer Isabel Ladd. "On the other side of this screen, I have mantras taped to the walls, a plush cushion for centering myself, and a small table which holds my daily devotional books, notecards and markers, and a timer."


To create a cozy nook inside a large room, interior designer Christina Nielsen says to look no further than a vintage bamboo folding screen. "It creates a division and an area of privacy yet is not too heavy and dramatic where it overwhelms a room," she explains. "This is a perfect item for creating a pseudo dressing room in your bedroom, or else curating a reading nook or small study in a primary living space."

When all else fails, Livings says you can always count on a simple room divider to score some solo space at home. "What's great about this divider are the translucent panels, which allow for privacy while still allowing light to flood your space," she says.