9 Designer-Approved Coffee Tables Under $200 to Maximize a Small Space

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Nothing crowds up a cramped living room faster than a bulky coffee table. "A large room calls for a larger table while a smaller space calls for a smaller table," says interior designer Jasmine Bible of Jasmine Bible Design. "As a general rule, you want to allow for about 18 inches of space on all sides of the table."


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Luckily, there's no shortage of chic and affordable coffee tables that won't overcrowd a tight space. From clear acrylic styles to C-shaped tables and more, here are nine designer-recommended coffee tables for under $200 that will work wonders in a small space.

For a small space-savvy coffee table that won't add unnecessary visual weight to your living room, interior designer Grace Brackman of Maggie Griffin Design says you can't go wrong with acrylic. "Since it is small in scale and made of a see-through material, the room is not overpowered by the table," she explains. "Also, it's easily wipeable — perfect for kids or serving your favorite chips and dip."

A clean-lined coffee table with a low-profile can be a game-changer in a small living room. "I love this coffee table because its clean, simple shape makes it so sophisticated," says interior designer Emma Beryl. "It's also available in black, and I love adding a piece of dark furniture into an otherwise lighter colored room to ground the space and add dimension."

A round coffee table with a clear glass top can supply plenty of sofa-side surface space without creating unwanted visual clutter. "The round shape maximizes your space while the glass top reduces the visual weight," interior designer Jenelle Lovings explains. "A simple stack of coffee table books off to one side, topped with a vase is all you need to style it."


Don't let the looks of this compact coffee table fool you, interior designer Michelle Lisac says it packs a lot of punch. "This table definitely makes up in style what it lacks in size. "It is petite at 21-inches wide by 14-inches deep, but the glass top can lift up and items can be stored inside," she explains. "It also comes in either a black or copper finish with a smoked glass top."

For an affordable alternative to the iconic Peekaboo Acrylic Coffee Table from CB2, Adrienne Robideaux of Animal Cracker Studio says to look no further than this small space-friendly C-shaped style. "The C Table takes up no visual weight and is on wheels, so you can move it to where it is needed, which is perfect in a small space," she explains. "And because of its shape and height, it fits over and under your sofa — taking up almost no space when not in use."

Bible loves the sexy curves and low profile of this straw coffee table. "The soft, neutral tones of the woven cattails blend well with any style, while the bamboo detailing on the inside feels a bit luxe," she says. "The demure size feels inviting and intimate, and would fit into even the tiniest of spaces."


When looking for affordable and small space-savvy furniture items, Lisac says don't count out the kids' section. "This table from Crate & Kids is just under $200 and is great for a small space with its small footprint and additional storage from the shelf underneath," she says.

Lightweight and versatile, Bible says this hammered metal drum table is perfect for small space entertaining. "It's easy to move around and the slight lip keeps cocktails and remotes from slipping," she says. "Bonus perk: The curved shape means no sharp corners to bang into when navigating a tight space."

When outfitting a small living area, Lovings says you can always count on nesting tables to maximize a small space. "Nesting tables are essentially adjustable, so you can fit multiple tables into one small sliver of space," she explains.


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