6 Bedroom Trends That Are Going Out of Style, According to Designers

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If you're like most people, your bedroom is a sanctuary. It's the ultimate retreat, whether you're winding down after a long day or craving some alone time. Plus, not only is the bedroom the first thing you see in the morning, but it's also the perfect space to let your personality shine.


That said, it doesn't hurt to consider antiquated bedroom trends, especially if your room is feeling dated. By avoiding elements that are out of style, you can give your personalized space a more current and modern bent.

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To help you out, we asked interior designers about the outdated bedrooms trends we should know.


1. Matching Furniture Sets

Matching bedroom furniture (think: bed frames, dressers, and nightstands) have seen better days. According to Sharon Falcher and Sherica Maynard, designers and founders of Interior Design by S&S, this trend is being replaced with mixed pieces and two matching items at most. The trick is to choose furniture that can "stand alone as individual pieces [while] telling the same story," Falcher and Maynard tell Hunker. "This gives the room a more curated look."


2. Symmetrical Composition

Similarly, symmetrical bedroom furniture setups are no longer the standard option. "Occasionally, the symmetrical look can create balance and uniformity, [but] it has lost its importance [as] the only way to design," Karen Gutierrez, interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors, tells Hunker. You can also diverge from the symmetrical look — and create a more dynamic space — by changing the composition of your lamps or art above the bed, she adds.


3. Overhead Lighting

"Oversized chandeliers or pendant lamps are losing ground to lighter and cleaner alternatives," Gutierrez says. After all, with people leaning toward more minimalist designs, "massive and heavy lighting is becoming outdated," she explains. As a result, sconces, small pendants, and sleek lighting fixtures beside the bed are now top of mind.


4. Headboards With Footboards

To give your bed frame an updated look, skip the headboard and footboard set. "[Primary] bedrooms are getting smaller and smaller, and there's just no space for a headboard and footboard combo," Falcher and Maynard explain. "For our clients, we prefer a really nice custom upholstered headboard, or a cool headboard, typically [made of] wood."


5. Tall Chest Drawers

According to Falcher and Maynard, the design world is moving away from tall chest drawers. Instead, they've noticed a shift toward the "bachelor chest, which flanks a bed so much [better] than a standard nightstand," shares Falcher and Maynard. What's more, the bachelor chest option still offers large drawer storage, ensuring no space is wasted.


6. Television in the Bedroom

"Having a TV in the bedroom seems to be going away," Sierra Fallon, interior designer at Rumor Designs, tells Hunker. And for good reason, too. "More people are seeking a quiet area without a screen," Fallon states. Plus, "most people now have personal phone screens to entertain themselves, and they don't want a large TV as the focal point in their bedroom."



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