Furniture Ideas for 10 X 12 Bedroom

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Just because a room is small does not mean it has to look crowded and disorganized. Even a 10 x 12 room can feel spacious if you use the right decorating techniques. Furniture selection in particular is critical in ensuring that your small bedroom feels cozy instead of cramped.


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First, decide what furniture you need. Only pieces that are strictly necessary should go in small rooms to avoid using up valuable space. A bedroom will need a bed, of course, but nightstands are optional. Or you could use only one instead of two. Will there be a TV in the room? If so, a flatscreen mounted on the wall obviously requires no floor space.


Office area

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If you need an office area in your bedroom, a desk and chair will suffice. If there's enough storage in the closet, you could leave out a bureau. And if there isn't enough closet space, adding a well-designed shelving system could double available storage.


Size wise

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Carefully consider the dimensions of the room. Nothing cramps a space like furniture that's too big for it. Think about a full- or queen-size bed instead of a king. For the office area, use a corner desk instead of a large unit that will take up several square feet. If you want a reading nook, use a more compact folding chair and folding table instead of an overstuffed armchair and decorative table. If you have a traditional TV instead of a flatscreen, opt for a compact TV stand instead of a large, space-hogging entertainment center.



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Finally, consider not only style but also function. Buy furniture with storage such as headboards with shelves and bookcases and bed frames with drawers underneath. Purchase a desk for the office space with plenty of drawers and shelves or a desk-hutch combination, which combines the utility of a desk with the convenience of storage: compartments, cubbyholes, drawers, display areas, shelves and even magazine racks. At IKEA, Wal-Mart, Target and other home furnishing stores, you can find a range of inexpensive pieces that have hidden storage compartments.



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