There Will Never Be Shells in Your Scrambled Eggs With This Hack

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If you couldn't tell, we're breakfast fans, and over the past year, we've loved learning more about how to make our eggs the best they can be. Now, we're specifically looking at how to prevent eggshells from getting in our scrambled eggs. Removing these shells is never a fun time, but we think we found a hack to make all that frustration go away.


Several scrambled egg recipes and hack posts across the internet recommend using one key kitchen item to prevent scrambled shells: a sieve. Once you scramble your eggs in a bowl, simply pour that mixture through a sieve or strainer to catch any shell bits that made their way into the mix.

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If you're having issues with your specific sieve, Food52 also recommends using wet fingers to quickly pick out stray shells. Just make sure you wash your hands before and after doing so.

Now we're off to find more egg hacks that will make our lives easier. We will, of course, report back.


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