9 IKEA Picnic Essentials Under $15

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With the sun peeking out more these days, maybe it's time to take advantage of your backyard or balcony space. Soak in some rays and bring a snack (or two) — it's the perfect excuse to give your eyes a screen break.


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Whether you're planning a picnic this weekend or like to spontaneously eat outside during lunch breaks, there are always useful finds at IKEA for all your plein air feasting.

Check out some of our fave picnic-friendly finds from the Swedish retailer — all featuring affordable prices.


1. Istad Resealable Bag (pack of 25), $0.99

These freezer-friendly bags can be used again and again (and we love the cute design).


2. Ice Pack, $1.99

A little too warm outside for your snacks? Just put this ice pack to use and all will be fine.


3. Troligtvis Travel Mug, $1.99

Don't forget to bring a beverage with you. Keep this travel mug at the ready for cooler seasons, too.


4. Bevara Sealing Clip (set of 30), $2.99

For all those unfinished chip or popcorn bags, these sealing clips will come in handy.


5. Lunch Box With Containers, $4.99

This lunch box helps avoid spills thanks to three removable inserts, including one with a lid for dressing or sauce. It's also microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe.


6. Lustigkurre Basket, $4.99

Throw some picnic bites into this basket, which you can hang from a hook for easy storage.


7. Garnityren Bowl With Lid (set of 5), $5.99

These chic little bowls will keep those salads in one place. They're also microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe.

8. Oddhild Throw, $5.99

Lay down this throw or keep it nearby for when it gets chillier in the evening.

9. Sommardröm Cooler Bag, $12.99

This cooler bag has a fun burst of color and is nine inches wide, so you can stash your Tupperware packed with all the goods.