7 IKEA Teenage Bedroom Ideas Your Adolescent Will Love

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It's not always easy to create a unique and stylish space for the younger crowd when it comes to interior design. But when tweens and teenagers reach a certain stage, expressing themselves, even through decor, becomes super important. To help them do that, we recommend creating a room that's fun but practical and involving them in each step of the bedroom makeover process.

The key components to a successful teen bedroom design are ensuring that it feels more grownup than their previous digs, making it creative with plenty of personal touches (anything from a DIY study area to hobby-themed accents), and including ample storage options. Additionally, each decorating idea should feel on-trend and personal, so choosing the right bedroom furniture and other stylish staple items is critical to a successful teenage room (and a satisfied occupant).

We've compiled seven IKEA teenage bedroom ideas to help you get started.


1. Use their hobby as a central design theme.

We love this gaming-themed IKEA teenage bedroom idea because it reflects a specific interest in a way that's totally unique. The brand's Svärta loft bed frame​ a mature, functional spin on bunk beds ​​ doubles as sleeping quarters and a desk and is accentuated by a pegboard that can hold any gamer's essentials. To keep the floor space clear of clutter, there are labeled storage bins, a storage ottoman with wheels, and individual wall hooks for hanging clothes.

Get the look​: IKEA Svärta Loft Bed, $130

2. Conserve space with a loft bed.

Here's another genius use of an IKEA lofted bed. Here, it demonstrates how a non-traditional frame can make a small room feel much bigger. The vibrant blue accent wall and skylights add fun elements to the small space. And as with any teen room, storage options are super important. If you're looking to revamp the bedroom decor in your 13 to 18 year old's area, this zone features plenty of kid-friendly IKEA items to start with: the sleek desk that doubles as a sort of bedside table, the storage console with colorful bins, a wall-mounted floating shelf, and a skateboard storing system. Each piece will ensure that the room feels organized and tidy.

Get the look​: IKEA Storä Loft Bed, $250


3. Get sophisticated with accessories.

This star of this teen's bedroom from Chango & Co. is undoubtedly the gorgeous brass canopy, but the additional accessories give the space a more grown-up feel that any older teenager could appreciate. We love the woven baskets and luxe duvet cover, but the ceiling light and fur-covered bedroom bench add a perfect pop of glam. As a bonus: The built-in window seat with decorative pillows makes for a cozy teen hangout spot.

Get the look​: IKEA Misterhult Pendant Lamp, $50

4. Go for subtle and don't forget practical elements.

This small bedroom is another example of a more mature, subdued design that's suitable for teens. The wall-mounted sconce is perfect for reading (or texting) before bed, and the desk and chair combo near the window makes for a perfect study space. They're practical additions that look good to boot. We also love the moodiness of the painted beadboard wall that's accented with statement art for interest.

Get the look​: IKEA Tertial Work Lamp, $12.99

5. Invest in a statement bed then add layers.

Here, a stylish bed with minimal, midcentury modern touches adds an air of sophistication to this gender-neutral teenage room idea. Layered with varying shades of warm yellow, neutral tones, wooden accents, and a pop of brilliant color, this space possesses a cool, effortless vibe that would easily resonate with any teenage occupant.


Get the look​: IKEA Björksnäs Bed Frame, $449

6. Don't skimp on storage space.

The first thing we notice when we look at this small bedroom is the incredible amount of storage options. If you have a teen who dreams of being a stylist, or who just really loves fashion design, this IKEA space would be perfect. There's a generous-sized desk for sketching, multiple storage boxes, and shelves for clothing and supplies. Plus, a rolling garment rack beneath the loft bed maximizes space.

Get the look​: IKEA Rigga Clothes Rack, $12.99

7. Include a unique seating option.

No cozy teenage bedroom idea is complete without cool seating. This space from Zoë Feldman Design totally has that element covered with a hanging pod chair that we're kind of obsessed with. But you can recreate the look with an armchair that has similar bohemian vibes and a rattan feature. To complete a space like this, layer in a cozy throw, ample cushions, and plants (they'll help teach your teenage girl or boy responsibility).

Get the look​: IKEA Buskbo Chair, $139


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