8 Home Office Wall Hanging Ideas That Will Cure the Afternoon Slump

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Your home office may be a space meant for business, but that doesn't mean you can't inject personality and style with furniture and decor. Especially given how many hours most of us stay clocked in at our workstations these days. After all, we'd argue that one of the greatest perks of working from home is the control you have over creating the ideal environment.


Of course, one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your WFH setup feel warm and inviting is with the addition of home office wall decor, and the options go far beyond typical shelving, cork board, wall decals, and framed canvas prints (though we certainly don't begrudge these classic choices). Ahead, we've rounded up eight wall hanging ideas that are sure to spruce up the blank space surrounding your workstation.

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1. Make it colorful.

Sarah Caligiuri's vibrant home office features a yellow accent wall, floral artwork, and plenty of plants. To recreate her boho space, show off a colorful macrame wall hanging against a white backdrop to infuse additional pops of color.


Get the look:CRIIY Colorful Macrame Wall Hanging, $25

If you want our opinion, a good gallery wall never goes out of style. Try mixing in several different types of art — from macrame to driftwood wall sculptures — like this modern office, that turned elements of nature into earthy decor. You can even opt to add in more texture and interest with the addition of a cozy sheepskin throw, woven accessories, and chic office supplies.


Get the look:Tasso Studio Driftwood Wall Hanging Sculpture, $78

3. Add a bit of whimsy.

While this small home office features gray and white furniture, a whimsical wall hanging brings in a blend of textures alongside accent colors like dusty rose, avocado green, teal, mustard, and navy. Keeping all other accessories and office decoration to a minimum allows your wall hanging to be the focal point while lending an overall simple aesthetic. Complete the look with a few succulents and leafy greens.



Get the look:Attica Press Large Botanical Wall Art Print, $50.70 - $97.05

4. Pair with fashion accessories.

There's no need to blow the budget on wall decor for your home office space, and this wall hanging idea is the perfect case in point. Add a stylish touch to an empty wall by pairing a graphic, minimalist art piece with a simple woven hat. It will provide balance and a dash of neutral texture, while also making the entire space feel playful and relaxed.


Get the look:Pax Woven Wall Hanging in Black and Cream, $55

5. Create juxtaposition.

Juxtaposing two different styles is one of the greatest design tools of any home decor aficionado. While tapestries and wall hangings may often feel inherently boho, placing a dreamy macrame find alongside traditionally framed black-and-white photographs, like these from The Sunset Shop, creates the perfect amount of contrast and interest. Pro tip: Amazon is surprisingly a great source for all things macrame.


Get the look:Land of Macrame Large Macrame Wall Hanging, $195


6. Add pattern.

Take a cue from Kelly at Studio DIY and add a striped pattern to your blank wall with an oversize, rainbow-inspired wall hanging. To recreate this fun and vibrant home office decor idea, opt for pastel pink walls and a diamond-patterned rug for added visual interest and texture.


Get the look:Crowned In Mercy Muted Rainbow 36-inch Multicolored Wall Hanging, $75

7. Showcase memorabilia.

Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

When it comes to home office decor, bringing in relics from the past injects a great deal of personality. In addition to graphic art and framed pieces to deck out wall space, this workstation also incorporates colorful pennants that lend a fun and retro flair.


Get the look:Junkinthetrunkbk Vintage Travel Wool Pennants, $20

8. Hang as a garland.

There's no wrong way to display a moon-phase wall hanging like this beauty found on Etsy, but we're partial to orienting it just like a festive garland. Doing so adds just the right amount of playfulness to a home office space. Double-down on that casual vibe with pastel hues, a single bookshelf, and a simple, geometric wall design that makes the case for a tone-on-tone color palette.

Get the look:Dylan Duke Moon Phase Garland, $20.69



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