14 Extra-AF Gifts for Your Friend Who Always Does the Most

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

What does it mean to be "extra?" Is it about going all-in on all pursuits, about freely expressing your opinions, and loving the things you love unreservedly? Or is it just about being eccentric-bordering-unhinged in an opulent Iris Apfel-type way? We're not entirely sure — but either way, we're all for it.


If you or someone you know occasionally (or constantly) gets referred to as "extra," please stand up. That little five-letter word is a badge of honor. Wear it proudly — or at least, shop for it well. Here, in no particular order, are 14 exceedingly "extra" things for the person in your life who always does the most. (Hint: If you don't know who that is in your friend group, check a mirror — it may well be you. Welcome to the fun side.)

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1. Malka Dina Handmade Brass Bottle Opener, $112

Nobody really ​needs​ a $112 (formerly $160!) bottle opener, but, well, here we are.


2. ARTEL Cabinet of Curiosities Double Old Fashioned Glasses (set of 6), $1,020

They also come in 24-carat gold, naturally.


3. AYRES Mexico Holbox Mortar & Pestle, $135

What, you expect them to grind their famous homemade pesto in a ​regular​ mortar & pestle? No thanks.


4. MATCH Italian Pewter Match Box with Striker, $150


We think it's technically illegal to light those jumbo-sized Diptyque candles with anything else.


5. Benoit Convers Blue Fringe Bar Cabinet, $6,278

We don't even want to talk about how much we love this. It comes with a giant comb so you can delicately brush the fringes away after retrieving your favorite decanter. What more do you need to know?


6. Masquespacio Wink Gold-Plated Pendant Lamp With Fringe, $726

Feeling a fringe theme right now.


7. DADA Daily The Indulgent Surrealist Set, $250

DADA is a snack food company that also makes strange and delightful homewares. Or maybe they're a homewares company that also makes strange and delightful snack foods. Either way, their Indulgent Surrealist set, which includes everything for your most ​Dîners de Gala​-style cocktail party, is a top-notch gift.



8. Love & Victory Evil Eye Cocktail Picks, $24

Lest you think "extra" is just a synonym for "expensive" — it's not. Here are some $24 evil eye cocktail picks. "Extra" is a state of mind. "Extra" is a way of being. Be "extra" on the cheap. Live your best, most extra life. Eat a stuffed olive off an evil eye cocktail pick.


9. Maison Balzac Monsieur Escargot The Snail Marble Incense Holder, $249

We don't know who at Maison Balzac decided that the natural complement to the shape of incense sticks was a Carrara marble snail-shaped base, but that person was a genius who deserves a raise. As is the copywriter for their product pages, because indeed, the snail shape really does "come alive when you add two incense sticks carefully into the top of his head."

10. Heretic Parfum Dirty Gingerbread Candle, $85

Heretic, as a brand, really does "the most" — because their formulations are all 100% natural, which, in the perfume world, basically requires doing three-to-four times the work to create every single scent. But the work is clearly paying off because this candle is amazing — seasonal yet non-obvious, spicy in all the right ways. And it must be said: the packaging is hilarious.


11. Borrowed BLU Beeswax Spindle Leg Taper Candles, $36

As taper candles go, these are pretty next-level.

12. Santa Fe Stoneworks Jewelry Collection Cheese Slicer, $65

Santa Fe Stoneworks normally traffics in beautiful one-of-a-kind pocket knives with stone (and sometimes wooly mammoth) inlays — but for some reason, they depart from that occasionally to make cheese slicers. This one, from their "Jewelry Collection" (probably so named because of the stone options available for the handle — lapis, malachite, turquoise...the list goes on) is an extremely nice way to say "Welcome! I've made a cheese plate. I went a bit overboard with it."

13. Furbish Studio Barneys Limited Edition Matchbook Framed Watercolor Print, $98

RIP Barneys. Now that was a place that knew how to let its "extra" flag fly.


14. Flaneur Extra Long-Staple Cotton Sateen Sheet & Duvet Set (Queen), $860

If your super-extra friend has a signature color (and let's be real, they probably do), you can do no better than gifting them a super-premium cotton sateen bed set from what we were about to call "the Pantone of sheets" — before realizing that, beyond parody, Flaneur actually ​does​ let you type in a Pantone code to find your perfect hue. Or upload an image. Or take a quiz. Put simply: this brand doesn't mess around when it comes to color. Should you deign to doubt their extra-ness: They have a collection inspired by Agnes Varda. Enough said.



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