The 11 Most Impactful Living Rooms of 2020 (According to Our Editorial Director)

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As we're nearing the end of the year, I've been taking a look back at my "decor" folder on Instagram, and I was actually surprised by what I saw — lots of bedrooms and kitchens, but very few living rooms. Despite redecorating my own living room myself this year, it was one area of inspiration I was exceptionally picky about. Yet, the spaces I did save were few but strong — very strong. Here are the living rooms that made a huge impact:


'80s wavy vibes abound in this colorful corner, complete with a curvy mirror by Gustaf Westman:

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After seeing this deep blue couch on Hawkins NY's Instagram, it set me off on a mission to find the perfect blue sofa:

This traditional-leaning living room by Heidi Caillier feels just a touch grandma — in the best way possible:

If I were a baller, I'd for sure be ordering this wavy-backed sofa from Studio Giancarlo Valle:

The nearly green hue on this paneling feels so delightfully old-world:

Whenever I need to experience a bit of escapism, I go onto the Instagram for Paris's Hotel Providence, and imagine myself reading Balzac in their parlor:

Not quite a real living room, but I had to show you guys this couch created by Aussie designer Sarah Ellison, which she put out this year as part of her SOL collection. WANT/NEED NOW!

DISC Interiors nailed a modern version of Hollywood glam in this Hancock Park, Los Angeles house:

The styling in @nelplant's living room is too good to be ignored:

Finally, this setup convinced me that the ideal living room requires a green accent:

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