15 Kitchen-Worthy Holiday Gifts That Are SO Perfect

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

This has certainly been the year of cooking at home. Whether your loved one is a seasoned chef or someone who got into pandemic cooking, chances are, they'll appreciate a little kitchen pick-me-up. From fun gadgets to luxury olive oil to elevating decor, here's everything we're wishing we could add to our kitchens this year (hint, hint).


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Maker of traditional French knives, Laguiole has been producing natural whetstones for at least 100 years. Any chef will appreciate this knife-sharpener, crafted from sandstone shale straight from the Pyrenees.

For the coffee drinker who doesn't want a stainless cube mucking up their countertop — go for something that's design-forward and adaptable (it comes in six different colors).

Sure, chances are you're shopping for an accomplished chef who doesn't need a kit to bake a cake, but we gotta say, Jordan Rondel's baking supplies are too fun to pass up. Try the Matcha Cherry or the Flourless Dark Chocolate Gold Leaf for something more sexy.

Every home cook needs something fabulous to display their creations on. Our pick: These gorgeous, inky black ceramic platters, the latest collab from Parachute.


As long as your chef-y friend doesn't live in a tiny space, it's safe to assume that a Dutch oven (even if they already have one — the more the merrier) is a welcome addition. This 5.5-quart beauty also comes in a variety of colors to suit your pal's aesthetic.

This tool, made by venerable Japanese producer Beams, can "open bottles, cut cans open, raise pull tabs, pull out bottle cork tops, and puncture holes in the sides of cans."

Naturally, everyone has a timer on their phone. But using a manual timer is surprisingly liberating while cooking — no need to completely wash and dry your hands every time you want to check your countdown.

This female-founded olive oil is exactly the type of luxury gift a cook will appreciate. California-grown, extra-virgin, and 100% organic, this delish oil also comes in your choice of colored tin, although we're partial to the mustard for optimal cool-counter vibes.


If your pal is always cooking up a storm, chances are their tea towels are wrecked. Help them kick off the New Year in style with some fresh linens, like these earthy, farmhouse-friendly kitchen towels.

Ordinarily, we're not too keen on highly specific kitchen tools and toys, but we're living in different times now — where you might actually be using that mini-pie maker your mom gave you five years ago. Which is why we're totally smitten with the Wonderffle, a gadget that allows you to create a stuffed waffle. Think: buckwheat waffles stuffed with strawberries and bananas or a savory waffle stuffed with eggs and cheese. Perfect thing to test out Christmas morning!

These modern, Swedish-inspired sponge cloths are so helpful in the kitchen, while also cutting down on paper towel waste. Plus, they won't look terrible hanging off your faucet.

Elevate the art of their morning toast with a handmade ceramic butter crock, a French-rooted tradition.


An apron that makes your outfit look even cuter? We're so here for that.

Sometimes, it's the small details that can completely change a kitchen. Something as simple as an accessory to hold and help dry out your sponge can make a sink look completely Insta-worthy.

There's something so basic about cranking out peppercorns from a grocery store refill. This pepper mill, handmade of polished brass, is a whole new game, bringing artful flair to cooking and presentation.