Chic, Sustainable Home Decor That You Can Feel Good About

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Sustainable home decor is so much more than a recycled trinket or a thrifted chair — though shopping secondhand is certainly eco-friendly in its own right. It's about being mindful of what you're buying, and having a clear understanding of where those items come from and how they're produced.


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Take wood as an example. Bamboo has become an increasingly popular alternative in addition to salvaged or reclaimed wood, which keeps said materials out of landfills and helps prevent further acts of deforestation. More and more, we see that brands are pivoting toward goods that are ethically-sourced or handcrafted by artisans around the world, in lieu of factories where mass production equals unruly emissions. Even bigger companies such as CB2 and IKEA have begun to introduce their own lines of sustainable furniture.


So next time you find yourself eyeing a new blanket or lamp, dig a little deeper and find out where and how it was made. To help you get started, we have sourced a few design-forward pieces that will make your home a little more green.

1. MINNA Abstract Throw Hunter Green, $365


MINNA's ethically made contemporary home goods are a product of traditional crafts. Cue this dreamy patterned throw that was hand-woven from merino wool in a women's cooperative in Uruguay. Its cheeky, abstract prints and fringed detail are too good to pass on.


2. Peg and Awl Handcrafted Wooden Step Stool, $134

Stools are one of the most versatile decorative accents out there. Place one in the pantry, next to a low-set bed, or by the tub where you can display all of your bathtime essentials. This eco-friendly version from Peg and Awl is made from sustainably sourced oak and feels contemporary thanks to the matte black finish.


3. Parks Project Joshua Tree Desert Campfire Candle, $34

Parks Project's mission is to preserve public lands and their quality home goods are all about protecting the outdoors. Enter this hand-poured candle, featuring hints of juniper, sagebrush, and naturally, a desert campfire. The cork lid is 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable, plus the jar can be repurposed as a vase or drinking glass once it's finished.


4. The Citizenry Cielo Basket, $245

Trade those plastic bins in for these artful baskets from The Citizenry — a purveyor of sustainable home decor and ethically sourced goods. Handwoven in Columbia from a blend of two natural fibers, this diamond-patterned basket is the secret to handling clutter with flair.


5. Mociun Rachel Saunders Bianca Carafe, $132

Shopping small is a great way to build out your sustainable home decor collection, especially if you're able to source handmade pieces like this wheel-thrown carafe from artist Rachel Saunders. Finished in a lustrous mother of pearl glaze, the perfectly imperfect piece doubles as a decorative accent when not in use.


6. Dims Word Table Light, $175

Crafted from a custom blend of corn PLA that was formulated for lighting, this futuristic lamp from Dims is made using a unique 3D-printing technology. Inspired by classical Greek columns, the stylish accent will cast a warm and ambient glow in your space.

7. Goldune Gramercy Grown-Up Beanbag, $380

This might just be the most literal piece of sustainable home decor that we've seen to date. Goldune's ingenious twist on the classic beanbag entails a beautiful triangle patterned exterior, that is filled with up to 2.5 pounds of actual beans — and not the tiny plastic round pieces most standard bags come with. This cotton beanbag is more like an ottoman, and less like the oversize floor cushion we all know from the '90s.

8. Bloomscape Burgundy Rubber Tree, $150

The rubber tree plant's eco-friendly benefits are aplenty. The lively green takes in exhaled carbon dioxide and turns it into oxygen, and it even has the power to reduce mold and bacteria in a room. All that paired with its abundant, lush form earmarks it as a no-brainer.

9. Open Spaces Entryway Rack, $138

Consider Open Spaces a go-to when it comes to organizational staples that play double-duty. This multitier rack is made from 100 percent steel (no plastics here), which is an eco-friendly alternative to most common household materials. It requires little energy to produce and can be repeatedly recycled without losing its powerful makeup.

10. St. Frank Terracotta Classic Kuba Cloth Lumbar Pillow, $95

St. Frank's globally sourced textiles are nothing short of inspiring and this printed pillow is no exception. Depicting a vintage Kuba cloth, which is an African textile comprised of geometric raffia weavings set on a raffia base, its vibrant color and eye-catching motifs are primed to transform your sofa or bed.