9 Gorgeous 4th of July Decorations for 2020

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Happy almost-4th of July! This year, we suggest you take a different turn with your decor and show your patriotism in the form of support for Black lives.

1. Rayo & Honey Black Lives Matter Pennant, $75

Rayo and Honey will forever be on our list of Black creators we support and admire.

2. NonilyStudio Black Lives Matter Digital Download, $4.99

The proceeds of your purchase will be donated in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

3. Voice Against Poster, $5

100% of the proceeds of this creation by New Orleans-based artist Small Chalk (aka Ashlee Jones) benefits Southern Solidarity, a small, grassroots organization supporting food delivery and everyday needs. "We are influenced by anti-imperialist principles and mobilized by a black queer woman," their site reads.

4. Bloom & Plume "Shades of Blackness" Poster, $45

We cannot stop admiring the creativity that comes out of Maurice Harris' (aka Bloom & Plume) brain. Earlier this year, the florist released the third edition of "Shades of Blackness," a poster, which, he explains, "is another investigation into how we as people of color find our beauty and agency. Our hair is one of those blessings that we have had to learn to embrace over time. I think this is a beautiful metaphor for the struggle for self love in it's natural state (which I seem to be obsessed with). All of these images are photoshop free. I wanted to embrace the beauty of black realness, 'flaws' and all."

5. Riverwaystudios Black Lives Matter Poster, $6

This Etsy seller makes no profit from these posters: "I am not taking any profit for this listing. The costs covers printing and fees only."

6. Megemiko Black Lives Matter Sticker, $3

Per the Etsy seller: "100% of proceeds go to Black-led/LGBTQIA+ organizations."

7. Laurel Smith Creative Black Lives Matter Digital Download, $6

"Proceeds from every sale will be donated to non-profit organizations that are fighting for equal rights for all."

8. Spring Sims x Society6 Black Lives Matter Print, $11.39

This piece was recently featured in Society6's showcase of Black artists.

9. PrettyPrismaticArt Black Lives Matter Digital Download, $5


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