Stay Cool With These Stylish Fans and Air Conditioning Units

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Welcome to The Cool Down, Hunker's definitive guide for staying cool, calm, and collected all summer long.

Staying cool and comfortable in hot and sticky weather can be a real challenge. If you're tired of the clunky window units that roar you to sleep on humid summer nights or cannot imagine lugging your dusty fans around one more time, we've done the heavy lifting here. Our hunt for something better — both functionally and aesthetically — has led us to a few good options that will up the style while cooling down the temperature. Take a look at our finds below.


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1. July Air Conditioner, $385-$425

If you are living the life of wall-unit air conditioners, you're probably already familiar with the struggle of the in-window install, the noisy hum of its presence, and the manual adjustments it takes to get the temperature just right. Enter July, which makes a really minimalist-looking window unit conceived as "more than an appliance, but a design object." The polished-looking units come with removable covers in different materials and colors, are WiFi-enabled, easy to install, and, importantly, environmentally friendly refrigerant and a carbon offset program that mitigates the lifetime usage of every A/C they sell.


2. Hunter Kennicott Outdoor Fan, $189.99

One of the best ways to increase air circulation and reduce your need for energy-zapping (and electricity-bill surging) is to install a ceiling fan. This ceiling fan from Hunter Fan and Ventilating Company is damp-rated for indoor or outdoor spaces, making it flexible for just about any location, and its six optimally angled blades are controlled at three different speeds and operate in both directions. Hunter even guarantees that their fans are whisper-quiet, so you know you'll sleep soundly when it's on, whether you're inside or out.


3. Windmill Air Conditioner, $395

Startup Windmill is looking to disrupt the A/C industry with a modern design that's also energy-conscious. It's also geared toward healthier living with a washable antimicrobial filter that blocks out dust and larger air particles (think of it as a pollution-reducing screen).


4. Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic, $899.99

Dyson is known for their technologically advanced fans that cool not just what's right in front of them, but the entire room as well. The latest in their lineup is a device that is not only a fan but is also an air purifier and humidifier (helpful in both winter and summer, if you live in a dry climate). True, Dysons don't come cheap, but they truly are an investment that you will use for years.


5. Fanimation's UrbanJet Fan, $219.98

Also high up on our list of stylish, retro fans is Fanimation's UrbanJet fan, a portable indoor fan with three speeds. It comes in five colors that make it feel more like a piece of decor than a functional mechanical device: baby blue, milky ivory, mysterious black, sonic silver, and spicy red. Its chunky shape is reminiscent of 1950s industrial and automotive design, but the colors and powerful capabilities keep it tethered to the present.


6. Kapsul Air Conditioner, $799

Another up-and-coming manufacturer of air condition units is Kapsul, who started on Kickstarter and recently began shipping the first units out to supporters. The unit is about half the height of traditional air conditioners, features a streamlined design with easy-to-control knobs and curved edges, comes with its own installation panels, and is WiFi-enabled.


7. Nordic USB Chargeable Portable Fan, $14.99

This little fan keeps even those hard-to-cool places extra cool. With features like a strong clip, rechargeable battery, and 360-degree rotation, you can clip it to a bed, flower vase, or chair to get a little extra airflow. Use a USB to charge it and adjust it to your desired level of breeziness. It's crazy compact, so you can also take it on a road trip.


8. Vornado Aqua Personal Fan, $24.99

Vornado fans always come through when the summer heat is blazing. This personal fan is small enough to fit in your compact rooms but strong enough to keep you comfortable. Its cute pop of color makes it fun for your more aesthetic rooms and its size makes storage a breeze. Just plug it in and feel the cool air start circulating.


9. IRIS USA Woozoo Oscillating Personal Fan, $104.99

Looking for a fan that also seamlessly fits in with your modern bedroom? This oscillating fan is the low-maintenance breeze-maker you need in your life. With multiple air settings and an automatic time-based shut-off, you can easily cool your rooms all summer long. And you control it with a remote, so changing a setting means you don't even have to leave your bed.


10. Evapolar EvaSMART Personal Portable Air Conditioner, $229

This little box is about to change your entire air game. With natural evaporative technology, you can create your own climate, and by going beyond cooling, you'll get air purifying and added humidity for easier breathing. Plus, with Alexa compatibility and a mobile app, you'll feel like a Jetson this summer.

11. Auzkin Portable Air Conditioner with Oscillating Mist Humidifier, $69.99

One of the worst parts of AC is how it dries out the air. Luckily, this AC unit has the solution. With a built-in humidifier, you can have oscillating mist creating oasis air all day. With multiple settings, you can ensure your air is exactly how you want it this summer. And it's super quiet with 7 color settings, so you can seriously set whatever ambiance you want.


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