The 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners and Coolers That Don’t Need a Window or Vent

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We're all for staying cool during the summer, but sometimes window A/C units aren't an option, especially if you don't have the right kind of windows. Thankfully, portable air conditioners and coolers exist and provide a little more flexibility when it comes to cooling down your space.


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Typically, portable air conditioners use a vent and still require a window for proper ventilation, but that's where personal air conditioners and coolers come in. These small units beat bulky A/Cs and provide a cool breeze for a few hours minimum — all you need is water and ice.

Check out 10 of our top portable air conditioner and cooler picks, below.


The Best Portable Air Conditioners and Coolers

1. Arctic Air Pure Chill Personal Air Cooler, $39.99

The Arctic Air Pure Chill Personal Air Cooler cools down hot and dry air with "Hydro-Chill technology" and an evaporative cooling system. It runs for 10 hours and can cool down up to 45 square feet of space.


2. Evapolar EvaChill Portable Evaporative Personal Air Cooler, $99

Using evaporative technology, the EvaChill cools areas of up to 45 square feet and humidifies and cleans the air for up to nine hours.


3. Breezewell Evaporative Cooler Tower, $159.99

The Breezewell Evaporative Cooler Tower has a hefty 1-gallon water tank that can help cool down a room of up to 900 square feet. It also comes with a remote and has a timer feature.


4. Trustech Evaporative Air Cooler, $169

Get a cool, beach-like breeze in your home with this portable cooling tower. Ideal for large rooms, you can use the power of evaporative cooling technology and three wind speeds to keep your space comfortable and chill despite the summer heat. And if you have children or kids, this design is bladeless, so you don't have to worry about any potential accidents.


5. Ontel Arctic Air Freedom Portable Personal Air Cooler and Personal Neck Fan, $28.49

This pick may not cool down a room, but it sure will feel great in the heat, whether you're at home in the backyard or at the beach. With three fan modes and its ability to run for hours, it's a great budget-friendly alternative in the personal cooler category. And thanks to its lightweight size, you can take it with you wherever you go.


6. NASUM Personal A/C Fan, $38.99

Staying cool has never looked so good. This mini personal cooler from Walmart looks similar to a retro TV with curved edges and tapered legs giving it a more stylish vibe that you'll want to put on display. All you need to do is add water — preferably icy water — and pick your preferred fan speed. It's also rechargeable and cordless, so you can move it from room to room with ease.


7. Frigidaire 2-in-1 Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Fan, $129.99

Great for both indoor and outdoor use, this personal cooler will have you chilled out in no time. It can cover up to 100 square feet and is relatively quiet, making it ideal for small bedrooms.


8. Newair Evaporative Air Cooling Fan, $199

For eco-friendly cooling all summer long, try the Newair Evaporative Air Cooling Fan. On top of blasting cold air throughout your space, it's also equipped with easy-glide castors and a removable water tank for mess-free refills.


9. Honeywell 175 CFM Evaporative Cooler, $309.99

Say goodbye to hot, stagnant air with this evaporative cooler. On top of taking the temperatures down a notch or two, it has a LED display and remote control to help you adjust the settings with ease.

10. Wood Home NASUM Personal Space Air Conditioner Fan, $43.56

Here's a personal air conditioner that's not only stylish but perfect for desks or nightstands. In addition to its sleek copper accents, it also has a convenient handle, making it super portable.


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