How Do Danby Air Conditioner Controls Work?

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A Danby portable unit hooks up to a window.

A Danby air conditioner unit can be used to cool, circulate or dehumidify the air in the room. The Danby interface includes regular air conditioner buttons, such as the fan, mode and directional buttons. Before you buy a Danby air conditioner, you might have questions about what the buttons do.


The "Mode" button provides access to the different Danby operating modes, which include the "Dry," "Auto," "Cool" and "Fan" modes. If you press the "Mode" button continuously, you cycle through the different modes. Press the button, until you select the mode you desire. The "Dry" mode activates the internal dehumidifier component and pulls moisture from the room. "Auto" mode allows the air conditioner to regulate the air automatically. "Cool" mode activates the internal compressor and cools the room to the user's desired temperature. The "Fan" mode allows you to run the fan without the cooling element to circulate the air in the room.


The fan button allows you to cycle through the different air conditioner fan speeds. The Danby air conditioner features three fan speeds: "High," "Medium" and "Low." Select "High" for a rapidly blowing fan or "Low" for a slow speed. The "Swing" button on the Danby interface commands the vents or louvers to rotate from side to side automatically, in order to distribute the air more evenly throughout the room. While the "Dry" cycle runs, the fan speed is automatically selected by the air conditioner.


The Danby up and down directional buttons govern the thermostat levels. If you press the up directional button, you adjust the thermostat up to a warmer temperature. If you press the down directional button, you adjust the thermostat down to a colder temperature. The directional buttons also control the timer function. Once the timer button is pressed, the timer is activated. Use the directional buttons to add or subtract time from the timer, which turns the air conditioner off when the designated time occurs.


The Danby display illuminates several functions and features, such as the designated temperature, the fan speed, the fan fill level and the mode. Functions are indicated with icons. For instance, a low fan speed is represented by a fan with three blades, a medium fan speed is represented by a fan with four blades and a high fan speed is represented by a fan with five blades. "Cool" mode is indicated by a snowflake, "Dry" is indicated by a water drop and "Swing" is indicated by a fan with a directional arrow below it.


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