How to Use an Air Conditioner Efficiently

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Things You'll Need

  • air conditioner

  • insulation tape


Check the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of your air conditioner. A higher EER uses less power to cool your house. Consider replacing an older air conditioner. A 10-year-old AC unit can cost you 20 to 40 percent more in energy costs than a new one. Match the cooling power of the air conditioner to the size of your home. A larger home may require a central air conditioning unit to sufficiently cool the home.

How to Use an Air Conditioner Efficiently. If you want to stay cool using an air conditioner, be prepared to pay for that comfort with an increase in your utility bill. Here are some energy saving steps you can take to use your air conditioner more efficiently, and hopefully save some dough.

Step 1

Install a window unit air conditioner on the shadiest side of your house. This will help reduce energy costs by keeping the unit itself cool and out of the sun. Follow the instructions provided for your specific air conditioning unit.

Step 2

Check the installation for gaps, leaks and cracks between the unit and the window. Seal up any gaps with insulation tape.

Step 3

Close all windows and outside doors while the AC is running. Pull the blinds and drapes during the daytime to keep out the hot sunlight.

Step 4

Turn the AC down when the house is not occupied and while you are asleep.

Step 5

Maintain the unit by cleaning the coils and keeping the refrigerant properly charged.