10 Face Coverings for Pop Culture Fiends

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As the world starts emerging from lockdown, there's really only one thing for certain: face masks are going to continue to be a part of daily life for a while. So rather than just wear a generic face covering, why not have a little fun and put on something that shows off your personality — or your favorite fandom?


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Both major brands and independent artisans are launching tons of pop-culture-themed face coverings, so there's certainly one out there for you. Here are 13 of our favorites.

1. Mean Girls: You Can't Sit With Us, $25.92

No, seriously, you can't sit with us because #socialdistancing. (Also, make sure you save this pink mask for Wednesdays.)


2. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Face Cover, $14

Accio face mask!


3. Tiger King: Carol Baskin's Cool Kittens, $11

Forget a basic _Tiger King_–themed mask. This is the real deal: Carole Baskin herself partnered with Tread 365 for a pair of cat-inspired masks. A portion of proceeds will go to her big cats charity.


4. Friends: Could You Be Any Closer?, $9.99

Channel your inner Chandler Bing while supporting social distancing.


5. The Office: Dwight, Stayin' Alive, $15

We all need a little "Stress Relief," don't you think?


6. Animal Crossing: Raymond, $12.49

Everybody loves Raymond. No, seriously, he's probably the most popular villager in Animal Crossing. If you haven't been lucky enough to have him move to your island yet, at least you can wear this mask!


7. Batman: Bane's Mask, $19.68

This one was almost too easy.


8. Golden Girls, $12.49

Ugh, this one just brings us so much joy.


9. Star Wars (set of 4), $19.99

Disney is releasing a set of four Star Wars–themed face masks, but obviously our favorite of the bunch is the Baby Yoda one. Just LOOK at that face!


10. RuPaul's Drag Race: Sashay Away, $13.53

No, seriously, sashay at least six feet away from me, thanks.


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