17 Face Masks on Etsy That Will Match Your Home Interior

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Here at Hunker, we like to say that your home is an expression of your identity. You know what else is? Your face. Unfortunately, no one can see either anymore. Our solution: Wear a face mask that reflects your interior design tastes. You'll feel stylish — and give the public a first impression to remember.

1. FromMarfaWithLove Mudcloth Print Reusable Face Mask, $20

Where would today's home interiors be without mudcloth? Now you can take those boho bona fides on the road.

2. AlohaMasksStudio Shibori Face Mask, $15

Pair this muted indigo tie-dye mask with your Birkenstocks for a perfect social-entrepreneur-off-duty look.

3. MyArtspaceCo Leaf Face Mask, $16

The Jungalow taught us to bring the great outdoors inside. Now bring it back out again with this chic greenery print.

4. Hall Pass Creations Cotton Face Mask, $13.60

This lovely geometric print recalls the golden age of midcentury design — and will look jazzy even from six feet away.

5. Bloomindye Cath Kidston Face Mask, $17.88

Even if you're not the English-farmhouse sort, this classic Cath Kidston print will tell the world you're keeping a stiff upper lip.

6. HannaJSFN Terrazzo Face Mask, $14.46

The trend that launched a thousand millennial home makeovers shows no signs of slowing, so make sure you're the first one on your block to sport it on your face.

7. Bookkii Marimekko Face Mask, $22.73

No one will miss your nose and mouth when they see you in these legendary Scandi prints from Marimekko.

8. ThoughtfullyMadeCo Cactus Block-Print Face mask, $12

A cactus block print on a faded chambray background? For the fan of desert chic design, this may be a bit on the nose (in more ways than one). But it's so, so cute.

9. Deardiary Memphis Print Mask, $14

Obsessed with all things '80s? You'll love this of-the-moment Memphis print.

10. MyMercantileShop Organic Cotton Face Masks (2 pack), $28

If you fancy a rustic, modern farmhouse style, wearing this mask is like having a little Chip and Joanna on your shoulder.

11. ShabbySugarplum Toile Face Mask, $29.99

Perfect for the traditionalist — though toile can feel surprisingly modern when it shows up in unexpected places (like the self-checkout line at Ralph's).

12. Mitani Designs Contoured Linen Mask, $15

Do bold colors and prints upset you? Does fringe make you cringe? You may be a minimalist. These muted linen face masks will protect and serve in style.

13. The MothershipLanding Face Mask, $29.99

Love Art Deco? Hate your neck? This one's for you.

14. MaskYourDispleasure Rainbow '60s Face Mask, $20

If color and psychedelia are your jam, you'll want to dive face-first into this '60s-inspired, Peter Max-esque, wearable lava lamp.

15. Goodnight Doll Woodgrain Face Mask, starting at $12.00

You've had cabin fever since before quarantine was a thing. This refined-yet-rustic choice will help you get outside.

16. Uniqueamericanpicker Designer Face Mask, $18.95

Are you fancy? Do you wear jodhpurs even when you're not riding your horse, which you own? Then we bet you're a lover of classic American, I'm-fancy-and-I-know-it design.

17. Littleflowerfabric Liberty of London Face Mask, $11

While we're not sure how many of you outside of the U.K. actually have Liberty of London-upholstered furniture, it's definitely something we've always dreamed of. Now you can wear your dream chair on your face?

Eve Epstein

Eve Epstein

Eve Epstein is the VP of content and editor-in-chief of Hunker. She is the co-author of "X vs. Y: A Culture War, a Love Story" (Abrams, 2014) and "The Scratch and Sniff Book of Weed" (Abrams, 2017).