24 Products for First-Time Pet Owners

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Few things help us de-stress better than a furry friend cuddling next to us after a long day. If you're starting your journey of being a pet owner, you'll experience this soon enough. For the meantime, there's a lot of ground to cover — including giving yourselves time to get used to each other.


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To make the transition a smooth one, we put together a list of some suggested items to add to your home for your pet. It's not exhaustive, but serves as a good place to start. Here's to our furry companions.

For cat owners:

1. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box, $32.99


Litter boxes are necessary but not always the prettiest. Thankfully, you can find lots of chic alternatives to your standard box. You can also make your own chic plywood litter box with our DIY.


2. Up & Up Brush Cat Grooming Tool, $6.99

Keep your cat from shedding all the time by giving them a good brushing.


3. Up & Up Lint Roller (pack of 3), $10.99

Speaking of fur everywhere, you'll need these for your clothes and furniture.


4. Hauspanther Chall Cat Scratcher, $59.99

Protect your furniture by giving your feline lots of options for scratching. You can also DIY this essential.


5. IKEA Lurvig Pet Travel Bag, $24.99

For those dreaded vet visits, a chic pet travel bag can make things easier. It also folds flat to help save room.


6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Soft Moist Cat Treats, $2.59

After vet visits or as encouragement for your cat to come out from under the bed, give them a treat or two.


7. Up & Up Nail Care Pet Grooming Tool, $5.99

If you're brave enough to do so, you can clip your cat's nails at home.

8. Kitty Mansions Boston Cat Tree, $95.99

Your cat will quickly look for places to climb on top of, so make some space available from the get-go. They also sleep a lot, so spaces for napping will be helpful. Tip: You can always make this DIY cat hammock.

9. Grreat Choice Breakaway Cat Collar, $5.99

If your cat doesn't currently have a collar, it's always a good idea to get them one. Collars with bells also help if your feline likes hiding.

10. Colorwin Personalized Pet Tag (Medium), $9.99

For dog owners:

1. IKEA Lurvig Cat/Dog Bed with Cover, $64.99

First off, you need somewhere for your new pooch to rest after a walk or settle in for the night. This stylish IKEA pick looks great in a modern bedroom.

2. Yamazaki Pet Food Bowl with Stand, $35

Dog bowls don't have to ruin your decor vibe. This chic set is probably the most minimal we've seen.

3. Wild One Dog Collar, $45

A stylish collar will make your dog the talk of the town.

4. IKEA Lurvig Retractable Leash, $14.99

For added flexibility, go for a retractable leash — so you can let your pooch roam but also have some control over where they wander.

5. Dog Waste Disposal Bags, $6.99

You, um, will definitely need these for your daily walks.

6. My Adorable Dog: A Journal & Keepsake Book by Chronicle Books, $14.95

Yes, you're going to be taking lots of iPhone pics of your new pup. But let's not forget about good old-fashioned printed photos. This journal and keepsake book lets you keep cute pics over the years and also record all the funny things they do in those first few months you spend getting to know each other.

7. Top Paw Extra Wide Pet Gate, $99.99

If you've got rooms you want to discourage your pooch from exploring, invest in a gate that you can use in different parts of the home.

8. Anthropologie Dog Booties (Medium), $64

Keep those paws clean with these chic booties.

9. Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks (Small/Medium Dogs), $11.64

You'll need a treat (or two or five) to train your new furry friend not to pee on everything. Also good for tricks like sitting, rolling over, and giving a paw.

10. Paws & Pals Dog Training Potty Pads (pack of 30), $14.95

Depending on your dog's age or situation in their doggy life, you might need a few of these throughout your space.

11. Nature's Miracle Dog Stain & Odor Remover, $7.99

And if accidents do happen, you'll need a tool or two to help.

12. Juvale Collapsible Dog Bowl (set of 2), $16.99

If your pup gets thirsty during longer walks or runs, consider grabbing a collapsible bowl for on-the-go hydrating.

13. Furminator Long Hair Deshedding Tool for Dogs, $34.99

Depending on your pooch, you might need to do some maintenance when it comes to their fur. Choose a handy item like this deshedding tool for pooches with long hair (you can find short hair ones, too).

14. The Foggy Dog Bow Tie, $22

Okay, fine, this technically doesn't count as a required item, but why not give your pooch some fancy attire for those special occasions?