The 11 Best Humidifiers to Fight Dry Air

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If you spend a ton of time indoors, you've most likely felt the effects of dry air, whether it's due to seasonal changes or you live in a dry climate all year round. Luckily, humidifiers for all budgets and needs exist to help improve air quality (and overall wellness) and make your home as comfortable as possible.


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Why Should I Get a Humidifier?

Once the humidity drops in your home, it can be a real pain. Your skin starts to feel dry, your hair suddenly is filled with static, and your sinuses can feel dry and irritated (potentially making you more susceptible to getting sick). But that's not all low-humidity can do — it can even affect your home by causing wallpaper to peel and paint and furniture to crack, according to the EPA. By getting a humidifier, you can help relieve the negative effects of dry air and keep your body and home happy.


What to Consider When Buying a Humidifier

When it comes to investing in a humidifier, there are a few things to consider, including the type of humidifier and your room size.

There are several types of humidifiers, including cool mist, warm mist, ultrasonic, and evaporative. Cool mist humidifiers are the most common and work well in warmer climates, whereas warm mist humidifiers are great for colder temperatures. You can also get a dual-mist humidifier that features both cool and warm options. An ultrasonic humidifier uses a vibrating diaphragm and high frequency to create microscopic drops of water to humidify the air. Then there's an evaporative humidifier, which essentially uses a fan to speed up the evaporation of water in a room to add more humidity.


The size of the space you're using a humidifier in also plays an important role in which one to get. Humidifiers have different water tank sizes that can accommodate different spaces, whether you're working with a large room or a small room. You'll want to make sure the square footage of your space and the capacity of the humidifier align. If you choose a small space humidifier for a larger room, it may not work as well and will require more maintenance and tank refills.


Ready to fight off dry air? Check out the best humidifiers you can buy, below.

1. LEVOIT Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Air Humidifier, $89.99

This humidifier is ideal for large rooms and has both a warm and cool mist feature — warm to help "kill bacteria in the water" and cool mist to help keep "sinuses and skin hydrated." There's a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts humidity levels for you. It also comes with a remote control, so you can monitor from a distance. It also has an aroma compartment so you can add your favorite essential oils.


2. Everlasting Comfort Humidifier With Essential Oil Tray, $72.95

The Everlasting Comfort Humidifier features a 6-liter tank and essential oil tray to circulate scents throughout the room. It's ideal for rooms up to 500 square feet and can run for up to 50 hours. According to the company, the humidifier can also "decrease the risk of illness, germs, and bacteria" by keeping room humidity levels at an optimal 43%.


3. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, $39.99

This humidifier can operate for up to 16 hours with its 1.5-liter tank. It's ideal for small to medium-sized rooms and is a great affordable option if you're not looking to spend too much on a humidifier.


4. Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde Fan, $899.99

If you have a bigger budget, this three-in-one Dyson is for you. The Purifier Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde acts as a cool humidifier, fan, and air purifier packaged in a sleek machine. Using high-tech UV light, it destroys 99.99% of bacteria in water to humidify hygienically. Not only can you use a remote control, convenient app, and smart devices like Alexa, Siri, and Google to adjust the settings, but you also get to check out the air quality of your home in real time. Check out our Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde Fan review for more info.


5. DCMEKA Desk Humidifier, $25.99

Personal humidifiers come in so many unique designs and are the perfect addition to any desk. This USB-friendly mini humidifier (it's only 4 inches tall!) can be plugged right into your computer as you work. If you're a plant lover, this option comes with a small pot so you can add your own or use the faux plants included.

6. Honeywell Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, $41.99

The Honeywell Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier has an ultra-quiet operation and a mist outlet that lets you control the direction of the mist. Designed for medium-sized rooms, it can run up to 24 hours on a low setting and has customizable output settings to control the moisture level. With a 1 gallon tank, automatic shut-off, and no filter needed, it's super easy to maintain.

7. Vicks Warm Moisture Humidifier (V750), $33.94

The Vicks brand is best known for its decongesting properties, so it makes sense that they have an amazing humidifier to match. This quiet, filterless, warm mist humidifier from Walmart can be used with Vicks VapoPads that can help relieve cough and congestion. Complete with a 1 gallon tank with handle, dishwasher-safe parts, and auto shut-off, the humidifier is great for allergy season or whenever a cold pops up. And if you prefer cool mist, it comes in that option, too.

8. Canopy Humidifier, $150

This dishwasher-safe humidifier aims to humidify the air for healthier skin and to alleviate cold and flu symptoms. Covering a space of up to 500 square feet with a 2.5-liter tank, it has high-tech sensors to maintain optimal humidity throughout the day and night. It also provides aromatherapy with an aroma puck that can be sprinkled with essential oils.

9. Elechomes Humidifier (SH8820), $99.99

Perfect for large rooms and plants, this 5.5-liter, top-fill humidifier can dish out both warm and cool mist. It's extra quiet, can provide humidity for all day comfort, and has a large LED display and a remote control to easily adjust the settings.

10. HoMedics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Top-Fill Humidifier With Aromatherapy, $99.99

Looking for a stylish humidifier that not only looks good, but works well, too? Try the HoMedics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Top-Fill Humidifier. Not only does it have a modern design with wood finish legs, but it offers up to 70 hours of run time with an auto-timer for up to 12 hours and has a programmable humidistat that helps maintain humidity between 35% to 55%. Plus, it has a night light feature and essential oil tray for aromatherapy.

11. Pure Enrichment MistAire Cloud Ultrasonic Humidifier Mood Light, $49.99

An adorable addition to children's rooms and nurseries, this cloud-shaped humidifier has a 1.8-liter water tank that can cover up to 250 square feet. Along with three speeds and adjustable humidity settings, you can also choose between eight rotating or fixed colors to set the mood.