5 Decor Items Kids Won't Recognize in 20 Years

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In many ways, it feels like the future is already here. We've got voice-activated faucets, Alexa can basically answer any of our questions, and CES 2020 even debuted a robot that brings your toilet paper to you.

Some of the things that feel only slightly nostalgic to us today will basically seem archaic to kids of the future. Take, for instance, these quirky decor items that will cause the tech-savvy youth to scratch their heads in confusion.

1. BreakTheRecord 80s Party, 90s Party Cassette Tape Centerpiece Light, $19.20

Cassettes will look so strange to kids who are using chips in their brain to play music in the near future.

2. Handcrafted360 Number Drawer Pull, Vintage Typewriter Key (Standard), $4.75

How did people use typewriters in the past? They didn't even have touch screens?

3. World's Smallest UO Exclusive Tie-Dye Magic 8 Ball, $8

"What's a magic 8-ball?"

"It's like a ball that gives you a fortune. You shake it to get the answer."

"Isn't there an app for that?"

4. LadybirdLaneDecor Midcentury Lamp, $97.56

Doubly confusing to kids of the future since this lamp is not Alexa-powered and it resembles a phone unlike any they will have seen.

5. Swatch Maxi Lemon Time Wall Clock, $210

Good luck explaining to the youth of the future that this is actually meant to tell you the time of day.

Eva Recinos is an associate editor at Hunker. You can reach her at eva@hunker.com

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