A Girl Can Dream: 10 Home Gifts if Money Were No Object

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For most of us, budgets are so very real, so we go through life at least trying to be responsible with money. And while responsibility is crucial for keeping our daily lives running smoothly, it can get, well, a little boring. That's why sometimes it's fun to fantasize about what, exactly, we could indulge in if fiscal responsibility wasn't a thing and we had more money than we know what do with.

Whether you're a member of the .001% with a boundless bank account that you're eager to use or you're like the rest of us mere mortals who need to be careful about we spend, the following gifts show just how luxurious, extravagant, and, let's face it, ridiculous, things can get when money is truly no object.

The Ultimate Art Subscription, $30,000

If you have tens of thousands of dollars to burn, then you can get one of the coolest art subscriptions ever. Subscribers get to work with an expert curator to hone in on their artistic tastes before receiving a new piece of original artwork valued at around $1,200 every month for a year. It's perfect for addressing all of those blank walls in your mansion.

The Tranquility Pod, $30,000

In a world that feels crazier than ever, we could all use a little more tranquility. And if you're super rich, then you can find said tranquility in this pod. Handcrafted from fiberglass, the pod blocks 90% of outside noise and includes a four-speaker sound system that generates gentle vibrations throughout the bed. There's also a biofeedback system that synchronizes your heart rate with 50 LEDs to create mood lighting that lulls you into deep relaxation.


Family Hub French Door Refrigerator, $3,299

You probably thought refrigerators were just for food (and the occasional beauty product), right? Well, in this case, they're also for sharing family photos, syncing calendars, speaking to people at the front door, receiving laundry notifications, playing music, and completing seemingly endless other tasks that this futuristic fridge can take care of on the daily.

Pijuan Design Workshop Dog Tower 9, $2,150

A husband-and-wife design duo handcraft these custom, mid-century doggie abodes in Los Angeles. The pair received their architectural degrees from USC and decided to merge their love of four-legged friends and modernist design to create doghouses unlike any other. Available in four different finishes, the Dog Tower 9 offers a cozy place for your pup to rest their head while also functioning as an end table with a recess on top for books, drinks, and decor.

Splinter Works Vessel, $34,000

This innovative carbon-fiber bathtub suspends over the ground like a hammock and features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to soak your troubles away for hours. The minimalist fixtures include only a drain and freestanding faucet and you can choose from a variety of colors and finishes to customize the look.


Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony Television, $20,000

When it comes to an interior aesthetic, televisions can be a bit of an eyesore, unless you have 20 grand to spend on one. This mid-century-meet-futuristic television transforms from a high-tech viewing device to sculptural eye candy when not in use. The 77-inch 4K OLED screen elevates every Netflix-and-chill experience, while the finely-crafted oak veneer that comes in four different finishes complements any aesthetic.

Romy HyLab, $500+

This ingenious little device allows you to mix your own skincare cream at the touch of a button depending on your skin's needs of the moment. You can choose from a wide range of ingredient capsules that come in over 1,000 different combinations. Simply slip them into the designated slot and the machine will deliver your custom moisturizer within one minute. There's also a fully-integrated app that allows you to track your skin's condition while providing helpful tips for maximizing your daily glow.

X One Bike, $3,999

Basically the coolest e-bike ever, the X One comes with an Android-powered computer that's seamlessly integrated into the frame. The AI computer allows you to lock/unlock the bike and activate turn signals(!) using facial gestures. Plus, there's a photosensor for automatic lighting, a directional headlight, built-in removable battery, ergonomic saddle, and a slew of other features to give you the smoothest and fanciest of bike-riding experiences.


Armillion Payment Bracelet, $78,000

When you can't be bothered to pull out your credit card, just wear this diamond-encrusted payment bracelet instead. Made of high-tech ceramic, 18k white gold, and 252 brilliant-cut diamonds amounting to 4.6 carats, this bracelet comes with a $1.3 million credit limit and lets you make contactless payments anywhere in the world. It can also unlock your car and your house for when your keys just feel too cumbersome.

Lungolinea Premium Gold Ping-Pong Table, $26,000

Does anyone need a crystal and gold ping-pong table? Of course not. That's why it's the perfect addition to this list. Comprised of pure crystal, 24k gold connecting joints, and a net handmade by an Italian goldsmith, this ping-pong table is as indulgent as it gets and we're all the way here for it.


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