7 Luxe-Looking Overnight Guest Essentials for Under $80

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Struggling to catch up on zzz's after Daylight Saving Time? Sleep Week is here to help. From editor-tested bedding and slumber-friendly products to bed cleaning hacks, we've got everything you could ever need to up your sleep game. Happy snoozing.

It's wonderful to have out-of-town friends and family visit, but let's face it: It can also be a little bit stressful to host overnight guests. Between stocking up on groceries that accommodate everyone's dietary restrictions and making sure the house is clean, there's a lot on your to-do list in the days leading up to a visit. To make life just a little bit easier, we rounded up eight guest room staples that you can buy online but that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

1. Milemont Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, $20.99

Crashing on the couch is a whole lot nicer when you have a luxury pillow to rest your head on. This hotel-quality shredded memory foam pillow at Amazon provides plenty of neck support, but is still plush enough to swiftly pass out on.

2. Target Turkish Bath Towel Set, $59.99

Whether they're brushing their teeth or taking an emergency shower, your overnight guests are going to need a towel or two to dry off with. This spa-like six-piece bath towel set at Target is composed of 100% Turkish cotton and includes a pair of bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths, so you'll have more than one guest covered.

3. H&M Home Chenille Throw, $49.99

No overnight checklist would be complete with a comfy blanket for your guests to snuggle up with. This super soft knit throw at H&M Home is woven from luxe-looking velvety chenille yarn and will only set you back fifty bucks.

4. Purple + Gravity Sleep Mask, $29

Falling asleep away from home can be hard no matter how comfortable a place may be. This cashmere-style sleep mask at Purple is designed to block out light and distribute a light touch across your key relaxation pressure points — so it'll send even the most restless of overnight guests straight to slumber-ville.

5. Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, $59

Nothing upgrades a sleeping arrangement like a silky soft pillowcase. If you can't afford brand-new guest pillows and bedding, consider investing in a cool, breathable silk pillowcase or two, like the Mulberry silk pillowcase at Brooklinen, so your guests can sleep more soundly at your place.

6. Paddywax Oil Diffuser, $62

Treat your visitors to a night of aromatherapy by picking up a sleek essential oil diffuser for your guest room. This eye-catching ceramic diffuser disperses essential oils into the air so that your guests can reap the benefits of aromatherapy — which include more restful sleep and improved breathing — while under your roof.

7. Urban Outfitters Levy Clothing Rack, $79

Not working with enough closet space to give your guest a place to hang up stuff? No worries. This Urban Outfitters rack provides plenty of room for hanging and as well as two slatted base shelves for shoes and other small items.

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