This $10 IKEA Buy Is a MUST for Perfect Winter/Holiday Vibes

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When it comes to making those days and weeks leading up to the holidays feel really special and cozy, I've found that it's often the smallest things that really create atmosphere. Candles are of course at the top of everyone's list, but they can be messy and require you to be pretty careful (which doesn't go well with that bottle of whiskey we usually have out around this time, too).


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Well, folks, I'm happy to tell you that IKEA has figured out a seriously easy and cost-effective way to hygge things up, with its Godafton LED candles. The three-piece set is only $9.99 and emits a warm, soft glow that flickers just like candlelight.

But here's the really cool part: They come with built-in timers. Say you turn your Godafton candles on at 5 p.m. — they'll automatically turn off six hours later (at 11 p.m.). Don't touch them, and they'll turn on again 18 hours later, right at 5 p.m. Meaning you walk into a home that's immediately festive. (Also, they're suitable for outdoors — great for lighting up your doorstep for a holiday party.)

See how cozy my living room looks?!
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One small caveat is that each candle is powered by two AAA batteries. But if you're smart, you'll get IKEA's Ladda rechargeable batteries at $6.99 for a four-pack. To recharge your batteries, you'll also need to purchase the Kvarts charger ($8.99). But let me just break down this winter investment for you:

Godafton LED 3-pack (x 2: I really recommend a total of six candles, even for small spaces): $19.98

Ladda batteries (x 3: For six candles, you'll need 12 batteries total): $20.97

Kvarts battery charger: $8.99

TOTAL: $49.94

So, for less than $50, you can have cozy vibes again and again, for years to come! Of course, if you already have AAA batteries, then dropping just $10 for a single three-pack is also money well spent.


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