11 Holiday-Perfect Candles That Are Basically Christmas in Wax

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

We're fully in November, which means you have complete and total permission to blast the holiday tunes ... and strike up your Christmas candle. If you don't already have a tradition of having a special pine-laced candle this time of year, take our word for it: You're gonna love it.


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About as close to a freshly cut tree as any candle will ever get, Mrs. Meyer's Iowa Pine candle is clean and bright.

Diptyque's fairy tale-like "Moonlit Fir" candle features the "essence of Siberian and Canadian fir trees, sparkling under glacial notes of eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint."

Rifle Paper Co.'s first (limited edition) holiday candle smells extra festive with notes of tree trimmings combined with cranberry and firewood.

If you're looking for a Christmas-adjacent candle (perhaps it's just a bit too soon for full-on Xmas), try Norden's Vik, which has a mossy, forest-y smell that's a bit more perfume-y than most holiday scents.


Get in a very Scandinavian mood with this Jul candle, meant to evoke the scents of Christmas Eve with notes of baked cinnamon, cloves, gingerbread and hot mulled wine.

Portable. Xmas. Tree. We're sold.

If you don't want full-on pine wafting through your home, try Homesick's "Holiday Stroll" instead, laced with sugar plum and and red currant aromas.

Balsam fir, musk, and winter spice combine in a moody vessel that's perfect for your sexy Xmas setup.

We'll let Harlem Candle Company do the talking here: "The Holiday candle is inspired by Billie [Holiday]'s favorite perfume, Emeraude, an aromatic green blend of fresh winter spruce, pine needles, mint-infused eucalyptus, fir balsam and spicy cedarwood developing into a feminine heart of ethereal blue hyacinth."


If your Christmas vibes are more grown-up, then go for a candle that's not a "Christmas" candle, but still channels the spirit — like Trudon's Empire, which brings together all the right ingredients (pine, sage, hay, juniper, marjoram, rosemary).

Go French this year with Carrière Frères' Siberian Fir and Chinese Henan Cedar candle, which is woody, smoky, and green all at the same time.


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