24 Gift Ideas for Your Notoriously Picky Mom

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Is it just us, or are moms impossible to shop for? We've waded through the typical gift guide fare and found the standard selection of candles, gardening supplies, and spendy hand creams to be ... well, somewhat lacking. So whether you're shopping for Mother's Day, your MIL's birthday, or a sweet "just because" gift for the maternal figure in your life, we've rounded up a slightly more polished, sophisticated, and discerning cast of gift options for the mom(s) on your list.


Whether they use their home as a place to relax or as an impeccably styled venue for entertaining, we've got you covered with mom-approved options that feel personal and special, not generic. Just don't forget to write a nice card, too.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. For Instagram Chef Moms: Staub x Food52 Turmeric Cookware, from $99

Le Creuset-level impact without the Le Creuset price tag? We're sold. Food52's new, on-trend turmeric collection with iconic French cast iron maker Staub is perfect for the mom who cooks — or just the mom who likes to show off their collection of coordinated cookware on Pinterest-y open shelving.

Air fryers have become the hot-ticket kitchen must-have in recent years, but we've never seen one look so ... well, beautiful. Drew Barrymore's Beautiful line has a (highly on-trend) sage green hue that feels at once retro and modern — and mom will appreciate the time-saving abilities of this appliance just as much as they love its looks.


3. For Moms Who Are "Team Candle" All The Way: Albaricoque Handmade Palm Leaf Candle, $105

These sculptural candles are carved by hand, giving them a unique palm leaf or origami design that's sure to elicit compliments wherever it's placed. They're almost too pretty to burn — but if mom does choose to light 'em up, they'll be rewarded with the subtle scent of natural sandalwood or coconut.



4. For Moms Who Are "Team Diffuser" All The Way: Ginori "The Amazon" Porcelain Reed Diffuser, $500

Whatever diffuser she's currently using (because you know there's ​always​ one in action) will have to take a backseat. This stunning porcelain design is from a collection inspired by the matriarch of the Medici family—and it brings femininity and strength together in a striking, warrior-esque character. It's as much an art object as it is a source of soothing home scents.


5. For Vintage-Glam Moms: Cultiver Silk Velvet Throw Pillows, $150

"Velvet" means different things to different people — but no matter how you slice it, these pillows are several cuts above whatever trendy "velvet" throws you'll find at H&M. Meticulously crafted from Turkish silk velvet and backed with natural linen, these pillows come in a modern range of neutrals (even while the process of making them is decidedly old-school). Plus, they come pre-loaded — and ready to gift — with the most luxurious, overstuffed feather inserts you've ever seen.


For when your actual mom is also a #plantmom. Natural merino wool makes these trivets heat-safe, water-resistant, stain-resistant, and ultra-durable (we just wish we could say the same for ​actual​ monstera plants). She'll love sprinkling them around the kitchen counter to provide a landing space for hot roasting pans, and showing 'em off at the dinner table when it's time to serve.



If they're the type who takes pampering their pet ​very​ seriously, may we suggest some dog-friendly macarons? These yogurt-filled hard treats will give Fifi a good long chew — in the most glamorous way imaginable, of course.


File under "collaborations we didn't know we needed." If your mom has a soft spot for all things plastic & fantastic from their (or your) youth, she'll love these ultra-retro stemless martini glasses that are inspired by the one and only Barbie. After-dinner drinks just got a ​lot​ more fun.


Is there any better gift than one that encourages the recipient to lounge around and live their best ​hygge​ life? We didn't think so. OddBird Co.'s handwoven Turkish robe feels nice and comfy from day one and only gets softer with regular wear, and its mid-weight texture is perfect for year-round use. And since it's machine washable (basically a Turkish towel you can wear), it's a great gift for new moms who might be encountering more than a few messes in the early days of motherhood. Fans of this robe have even been known to wear it out of the house as a duster coat from time to time, too.



Decor-savvy moms have probably noted the shift from traditional animal prints to ones featuring, well, actual animals. This statement-making lumbar pillow is a chic, easy way to get the look.

The simplest, most stylish way to store (and display) this unofficial member of the family when she gets home.

Just when we thought we couldn't love the pottery darlings at Haand more, they've joined forces with chef and restauranteur Vivian Howard to create a collection of dinnerware that's pretty irresistible. This four-piece set of unique, high-sided plates checks every box for us — the color palette is the stuff of dreams, and the fun mix means they'll delight moms (and their guests) for years to come.


13. For Always-Chilly Moms: The Citizenry Tesoro Alpaca Throw, $275

Hand-loomed, hypoallergenic baby alpaca makes this throw heavenly soft, while its unique pattern brings just the right amount of visual interest to the living room or foot of the bed. It's style and self-care coziness wrapped into one thoughtful gift.

14. For Moms Who Drink A Lot Of Coffee: Yield Matte Sand Ceramic French Press, $120

Your coffee-loving mom may be a loyal disciple of the Keurig, but what she might not know is that making up a French press in the a.m. is almost as quick (and a lot better for the environment). This stunning matte ceramic piece by Yield features a subtly glam copper plunger pull for a little added shine and insulates your coffee as it goes from kitchen to breakfast bar.

15. For Moms Who Drink A Lot Of Wine: Aervana Electric Wine Aerator, $132

If they're too sophisticated to sip down a glass of their favorite wine without aerating it, we've got the perfect gift: a speedy wine aerator. Now there won't be any reason to delay wine and cheese night.

16. For Moms Who Prefer A Cocktail: Doña Vega Mezcal, from $49.99

Even if she's new to the world of mezcal, she'll appreciate this one, which is woman-owned and crafted by women outside Oaxaca. The balanced flavor profile — adapted from a generations-old recipe — is designed with mixing in mind, so she can explore new twists on classic cocktails.

17. For Moms Who Prefer A Non-Alcoholic Cocktail: Kin Euphorics High Rhode Botanical Beverage, $39

Here's a non-alcoholic addition to the bar cart — and one that may eventually replace everything else on it. Kin's unique blend of botanicals and adaptogens creates a soothing effect similar to that of an after-work drink, but without the hangover. Mom can sip it over ice or play mixologist and doctor it up with juice, seltzer, or other mixers to her heart's content.

18. For Moms Who Respect Their Beauty Sleep: Upstate Hand-Dyed Silk Pillowcases, $184 for two

The easiest addition to their beauty routine ever. Upstate's silk pillowcases are slinky-soft, offering a luxe sleeping experience that has been shown to decrease wrinkles, tame frizzy hair, and even subtly moisturize your skin as you snooze. Oh, and the organic patterns from the small-batch dye process look pretty nice plopped on the bed, too.

A stylish electronic drum set that won't be relegated to the garage.

20. For Moms Who Like Rocks: Baloo Living Crystal Sleep Mask, $64

If she's big on crystals, she'll be very into this mask. A hidden pocket over the third eye holds a smooth crystal of their choice — amethyst, purple fluorite, blue lace agate, or rose quartz — to help channel that sleep or meditation time with a little extra focus. (The comfy padded mask is light- and sound-blocking, which is nice, too.)

Even if your mom seems to have a sixth sense about how things are going to turn out, she ​might​ just be surprised by this gift. Different Puzzles make "trick puzzles" that turn out just a liiiiittle bit different from what's shown on the box. So even the most prolific puzzler will get to uncover a few surprises along the way.

22. For Well-Hydrated Moms: Lund London Skittle Thermos Flask, $39

On the go, this mighty little thermos keeps drinks hot or cold for 12-24 hours. On the bedside table, it makes for a striking art object that also keeps thirsty sleepers satisfied. And with its enticing array of color options, it's a surefire crowd-pleaser no matter Mom's style.

23. For Well-Hydrated Moms, Sparkling Edition: Aarke Premium Carbonator, $259.95

So much more aesthetically pleasing than a SodaStream, don't you think? We're also partial to the brass and matte black versions.

24. For "Status Soap" Moms: Dally The Slowdown Set, $56

Aesop, Grown Alchemist, Malin + Goetz ... she's tried 'em all. If she's always on the hunt for the next "status soap" that'll elevate a bathroom and impress house guests, gift this striking three-pack of transportive scents from Dally. From cypress and basil to peppermint and coriander, to grapefruit and geranium, she'll get a little moment of escapism with every wash.