This Under $10 Utilitarian Storage Item Is Now a Design Trend

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We're constantly looking to Danish design brand HAY for new ideas. We recently noticed that they've been pushing some super utilitarian stuff, and considering that we're all about stylish organization these days, our interest was definitely piqued. We've seen their colorful plastic crates all over Instagram — you know, the kind you may recognize from your middle school cafeteria. Apparently, all that was needed to make a classic milk crate cool was a color change: HAY and others are making them in trendy, muted tones, as well as shockingly bright hues. Stack these up in your kitchen, use 'em in the nursery, or punch up your closet. Best of all, they're beyond affordable.


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HAY Colour Crate, $4.90

Aykasa Polimer Collapsable Storage Bin, $10-$15

HAY Colour Crate, $5.75

Crate and Barrel Yellow Milk Crate, $10

Crate and Barrel Aqua Milk Crate, $10


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