The Post-It Note Now Looks Completely Different, and Might Be Starting a Trend

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It's a proven fact that everyone loves Post-it Notes. They're practical, versatile, and simply put, make us feel like we have our lives together. And this office staple just got a major makeover — one that we predict will be a top trend for the back-to-school season. Sticky notes are now transparent!


Yes, you heard that right. See-through sticky notes are now a thing. They allow you to write in textbooks, planners, and notebooks while still being able to read the text beneath. Plus, they're quite aesthetically pleasing. It's best to use a ballpoint pen or pencil, but if you do choose to use a marker, highlighter, or gel pen, be sure to wait a few moments for the ink to fully dry.

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While the Post-it brand is what immediately comes to mind when we think of sticky notes, there are tons of other brands making these transparent stickies in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Plus, they're a whole lot cheaper. Keep scrolling for our 10 favorites, all conveniently sold on Amazon.



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