15 Undeniably Fun Media Room Ideas

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Is there anything cozier than cuddling up with the fam and watching a movie? Probably not. So consider creating a dedicated media room in your home. Most spare corners will do, really, whether it's your basement or your attic. A media room doesn't need much – a large TV, surround sound, and cozy seating will do. Beyond movie night, a home theater is really a multi-use space that can be used as a living room, family room, and entertainment room.


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But to turn a space into a media room, you'll need much more than surround sound and flat-screen TVs. It's important to think of elements like paint, flooring, and even lighting to set up the right home theater. The best way to start is to install dimmer lights, area rugs, or wall-to-wall carpet and set up your audio-visual components and seating. Paint the room in a dark color to improve the visuals, and add the finishing touches.


If your creative juices are flowing already, below are 15 fun design ideas.

1. Don't skimp on the decor.

Media rooms don't ​have​ to involve boring blank walls and bulky recliners. Why not decorate with framed art, an accent wall, and fun throw pillows, just as you would any other room of the home?


2. Create a designated dining area.

It's ok. We've dropped pizza toppings on our couch one too many times, too. But why not avoid this altogether by placing a long table against the back of your sofa and adding some chairs to create the dinner and movie dining area that dreams are made of? Here's a three-person counter height dining set by 17 Stories to give you an idea of what's possible.


3. Get the sofa all your friends will be jealous of.

Have you ever seen anything dreamier? Several pit-like sectionals on the market would make the perfect addition to your media room. Find this modular sofa from Home by Sean & Catherine Lowe here.


4. Paint the ceiling and walls dark.

Make your media room like a real movie theater and paint everything dark. Then your projector screen will seem to come to life. Don't be afraid to visit your local paint store and ask for pitch-black paint, like this Carbon Paint from BEHR. The dark color will give you the illusion of a real-life movie theater and give your eyes some rest, so they can focus on what matters – the screen!


5. Or go for a color scheme.

One place where a matchy-matchy design doesn't look tacky is in a home theater. The gray-on-gray look of this one allows any film you watch to shine. If the idea of a black room scares you, try different shades of darker colors instead. For example, The Home Depot has a wide range of gray shades that can help you master a monochromatic look. Opt for the darkest shade by the wall with the screen and choose lighter shades to compliment it.


6. Reconsider converting your attic.

Just because your attic doesn't have a traditional shape, that doesn't mean it's a lost cause for a media room conversion. Get creative by staggering comfy chairs and adding matching side tables to each. You can be as creative as you want. Consider using poufs instead of sofas, so you'll have the versatility to move things around and have a multi-use space for everyone.


7. Create a multi-functional space.

If you need your bonus room to function as more than just an at-home theater, worry not! Just paint it light and bright to create the illusion of more space and keep the decor minimalistic for a clutter-free vibe.


8. Install a wet bar.

If you're ​really​ trying to get fancy, we highly suggest installing a wet bar in your media room. Having a bar by your media room will also make it the best place in the house to entertain, and it becomes a multi-use room. It also makes watching movies or playing games more comfortable. You won't have to leave the room as often.


9. Save space and banish clutter with a drop-down projector screen.

Projector screens aren't the prettiest of sights to see, so purchase one that rolls right up! The one above saves tons of space by hanging in front of a bookcase. Or, if you painted your walls in a dark color, you can opt for a video projector instead. Here's the VANKYO Leisure video projector that works with a screen and also projects to the wall.

10. Don't forget a popcorn machine!

Please be this extra. We support it. Because the microwavable kind just isn't quite the same, is it? You can purchase this fire engine red popcorn machine here. Add as many accessories as you wish (and space allows) to make it as fun and exciting as you want.

11. Be smart with built-in storage furniture.

If you have a small media room, you want to focus on built-in storage. Furniture with built-ins, from sofas to coffee tables and ottomans, will help you store away board games, throws, pillows, and more. Take it up a notch with a smart coffee table with storage, like this one by Sobro. It has built-in outlets, a refrigerator drawer, Bluetooth speakers, USB charging ports, LED lights, and other cool tech features.

12. Reconsider the media room sofa with poufs.

For media room ideas on a budget, reconsider the sofa. Media room chairs often come with a price tag. But you can achieve a similar comfort level with an oversized pouf, like this XL bean bag chair that's big enough to work as a lounge chair.

13. Transform any room into a media room with an entertainment center.

If you're working with minimal space, forget about the idea of a standalone media room and make the most out of your living room. Using an entertainment center like this one by Manhattan Comfort will instantly give you the media room look without having to do much. An entertainment center will let you house everything you need to set up a home theater without dealing with too much stuff.

14. Install cushioning rug pads.

Here's something that visually may not make a difference, but it will transform your media room. Use a cushioning rug pad to elevate the comfort level of your media room and make the whole experience more comfortable. RugPadUSA has different cushioning rug pads that give you enough cushion without the bounce to feel like you're walking on clouds.

15. Add all the finishing touches.

Now that you have all the elements for your media room, it's time to decorate it. Whether you go with a classic theme, sports theme, or man cave theme, decor items will complete your media room. Opt for movie theater wall art or take it a step further by getting a personalized cinema sign, like this one on Etsy by FunkGypsy.


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