How to Clean and Whiten Your Bathtub

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This dirty bathtub shows soap scum buildup and dirty grout.

The bathtub is the most disliked part of our bathroom cleaning duties. Not only does it get soap scum by the minute it also loses its white and shiny color due to water quality and usage. It makes our bathrooms look dim and dull, no matter how much we scrub and scrub. Here are a few steps on how to bring the white and shiny bathtub back to your bathroom easily.


Step 1

it really works!

While your tub is dry and dirty, grab a can of scrubbing bubbles. Read the back of the can and spray it as suggested. Make sure to cover your entire tub with foam. Wait the suggested amount of time before moving to the next step.


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Step 2

Mr.Clean! Mr.Clean!

Now that the foam has taken its time working its magic, grab a Mr. Clean Magic eraser sponge from the box, wet it and start scrubbing the tub. This will take away the soap scum that the scrubbing bubbles has loosen up, it will also start to whiten your tub.


Step 3

Rinse Away!

Once your entire bathroom tub has been scrubbed, grab a water bucket and start to rinse your tub. Make sure all the foam is gone. Grab the Magic Eraser sponge, wet it and start to go thru your tub again. This time concentrate on the areas you saw more stubborn staining, do this until you are satisfy with the color of your tub.


Step 4

like it was brand new!

By now your bathroom tub should be white and shiny again. Depending on the tub usage and the quality of your water, you should be able to get away with cleaning your tub only twice a week or less. If you have a bathtub rubber mat make sure to take it out so the stain can be clean up also during this process. Enjoy your new tub!



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