How to Take Bathing Oil Out of a Bathtub

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Get bathing oil out of the tub with baking soda.

Bathing oils nourish the skin and often contain aromatherapy scents, providing you with a relaxing bath experience. The problem is when you drain the tub, you often are left with an oily residue. This residue sits on the tub surface, and can create a slippery bathtub that could lead to a slip or fall if not properly cleaned. Luckily there are a few inexpensive ingredients that will remove the bathing oils from your tub.


Step 1

Sprinkle a light coating of baking soda over the entire tub surface. The baking soda provides you with a slightly abrasive texture plus absorbs the oil.

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Step 2

Fill a spray bottle with about 3 cups water, 1 cup white vinegar and 1 tbsp. dish soap. The vinegar cuts through the oily residue as does the dish soap.


Step 3

Spray the mixture over the tub, and scrub the cleaner and baking soda into the tub surface with a wet nylon scouring pad. Continue until you remove all of the oil residue.

Step 4

Rinse the bathtub and dry with a clean rag. Feel the tub, and repeat if any oily residue remains on the tub surface.



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