How to Close the Jets in a Whirlpool Tub

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Try closing jets partially to restrict water flow and intensify the power of the jet.


Twisting a whirlpool jet nozzle or ring vigorously in the wrong direction may cause it to release from the side of the tub.

Close the jets on a whirlpool to focus the flow on one area.

You can close all or some of the jets in a whirlpool in just a few seconds. Whirlpool jets can often be closed fully or partially to adjust the flow of water. Closing a whirlpool jet stops the passage of water from the whirlpool motor and into it. Many whirlpool tub manufacturers suggest closing the jets completely before cleaning the interior surfaces. You can wash and drain the tub without causing any damage to the moving parts of the whirlpool.

Step 1

Search the individual jet nozzle and surrounding ring for arrows indicating adjustment direction. Some whirlpools feature a variety of jet designs within a single tub model. Each jet variety may have a slightly different look and specialized function.

Step 2

Grip the ring or nozzle of the whirlpool jet gently with your thumb and index finger. Turn the jet in the instructed direction until it will not turn any further. Many whirlpool jets twist counterclockwise to close them.

Step 3

Fill the whirlpool tub with clean water. Turn the whirlpool on to make sure the selected jets are completely closed. Proceed with bathing or cleaning the tub with the closed jets.

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