How to Run the Clean Cycle on the LG Tromm Washer

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Things You'll Need

  • Liquid chlorine bleach

  • Clean, dry cloth

The tub on the inside of an LG Tromm washing machine can collect dirt and other debris. Though most dirt is drained out of the tub in the wash cycle, some dirt may remain in the tub. LG designed several of their Tromm washing machines with a cleaning cycle that washes out the tub inside the machine. This cycle cleans out any dirt or debris left in the tub from normal washing cycles.


Step 1

Take any laundry out of the washer tub and shut the door.

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Step 2

Pull out the detergent dispenser on top of the washer and pour liquid chlorine bleach in the "Bleach" cup. Close the detergent dispenser.

Step 3

Press the "Option" button repeatedly until the "Tub Clean" indicator light turns on.

Step 4

Start the cleaning cycle by pressing the "Start/Stop" button on the washer control panel. Some LG models may not be labeled "Start/Stop" but instead have a ">||" symbol. The symbol is similar to the "Play" and "Pause" symbols found on DVD player and VCR remote controls.

Step 5

Open the door to the washer when the cleaning cycle is complete and wipe off excess water and bleach on the inside of the door and the door sealant with a cloth.


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