How to Prime a Hayward Swimming Pool Pump

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Swimming pools require a lot of maintenance to ensure proper chemical balance and efficient cleaning systems. When a pool pump loses its prime, the pumps performance is diminished, causing the pool filter to also be inefficient. Priming your pump will remove any air in the pump, causing the water to move through the filter. Priming can avoid the cost of a service call and provides other benefits. The steps are the same whatever model Hayward pool pump you own.


Step 1

Make sure the pump is turned off before priming. Close all valves on the suction side of the pump, including the main drain, skimmer and vacuum lines. Some pumps have an air release valve, if you do, open it. If your pump does not have an air release valve, be sure to remove the strainer lid slowly to let the pressure slowly escape.

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Step 2

When the strainer lid is removed, clean out any debris that may have accumulated in the the strainer basket. Inspect the O-ring on the strainer top to make sure it is clean. The O-ring must be in good shape to make a good seal and prevent air from leaking in.


Step 3

Replace the strainer basket and fill the strainer and pump with water, using the garden hose or buckets of water. Replace the lid, making sure it has a good, tight seal.

Step 4

Turn on the pump and slowly open one suction side valve only. Once the pump has a good flow of water, slowly open the next valve on the suction side.

Step 5

Continue until all valves are open and water is flowing efficiently. Repeat these steps whenever your pump loses its prime.

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