Instructions for Yankee Candle Electric Home Air Fresheners

Besides candles, the Yankee Candle company offers electric air fresheners that plug directly into wall outlets. To set them up for use, insert the fragrance bottle into the air-freshener housing and plug it in.

Plugging It In

Step 1 Remove the cap.

Hold the fragrance bottle, included with the air freshener, upright and remove its cap.

Step 2 Snap it in.

Slide the bottle into the plug-in air freshener housing until it clicks or snaps in place.

Step 3 Plug it in.

Plug the air freshener into an outlet, at least 12 inches below nearby objects such as curtains.

Step 4 Line it up.

The words "Yankee Candle" must be upright on the fragrance bottle. If not, rotate the unit so the words are upright. The fragrance unit won't function properly if the bottle is sideways.

Step 5 Adjust the slider.

Adjust the slider atop the fragrance unit to release more or less scent while the device is plugged in.

Replacing the Unit

One fragrance bottle lasts -- on average -- for about four to six weeks of continual use. When the bottle is empty, unplug the device and allow it to cool. Discard the old bottle and replace it with a fresh one.

If you wish to stop using the plug-in device while some fragrance liquid remains in the bottle, unplug the device and remove the bottle once it is cool to the touch. Replace the cap on the bottle. Wipe the inside of the device with a damp cloth to remove fragrance liquid buildup. Wash your hands after handling the bottle. If desired, swap the fragrance bottle out for a different scent.

Kathy Adams

Kathy Adams

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