How to Troubleshoot an Automatic Air Wick Dispenser

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Hold the Freshmatic dispenser away from your face at all times to prevent the unit from accidentally spraying into your eyes.

Freshmatic is the brand name of an automatic fragrance dispenser made by Air Wick, a company specializing in home fragrance and freshening solutions. The device can continuously freshen a room for 60 days. The Freshmatic requires very little maintenance other than removing a depleted canister and replacing it with a refill. After inserting a new refill can, you might encounter a problem in getting the air freshener to spray as it normally should. In instances such as this, Air Wick has created straightforward troubleshooting steps to help your Freshmatic dispenser get back into working order.


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Step 1

Turn the switch to "Off."


Step 2

Press the button at the top of the dispenser. Pull the front of the unit open.


Step 3

Remove the refill can.


Step 4

Push the red lever.


Step 5

Check to make sure the batteries are properly inserted. Put the can back into the dispenser. Close the dispenser and wait for 15 seconds to see if the unit automatically starts to spray the air freshener.


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