How to Dispose of Gelled Fuel

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper or plastic bag

  • Adhesive tape


If you need to dispose of a case of at least 24 cans of gel fuel, call your waste collection service to request a special pickup or information on separating the cans of gel fuel from your regular trash.


Do not dump the gel fuel containers into an open flame — this can cause them to explode.

Gel fuel keeps food in chafing dishes and other metal containers warm.
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An isopropyl alcohol-based substance, gel fuel burns clean and is safe to use in outdoor/indoor cooking devices and heating products. The fuel is packaged in metal containers with a quick-release lid. Gel fuel, like other products containing alcohol, is harmful to bodies of water, including groundwater, sewer systems and well water. The fuel must be disposed of properly so it doesn't come in contact with the environment.


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Step 1

Remove the empty, partially full or full container of gel fuel from the device it is in. If you still have the container's lid, place the lid on the container and secure it tightly.

Step 2

Place the container in the bag. Roll the top of the bag and tape it closed to keep any fuel residue from leaking from the bag.

Step 3

Dispose of the bag in your home or business' outdoor trash can.