Everstar Portable Air Conditioning Unit Instructions

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The Everstar portable air conditioner unit is meant for individual rooms or small spaces, such as an apartment, dorm room, hotel room or vacation home. Unlike whole house or window air conditioners, the Everstar air conditioner can be unplugged and moved from room to room as necessary. An air duct is included with the unit for proper ventilation during use. Operating the unit is pretty straightforward and it should work well with regular care and maintenance.


Step 1

Connect the Everstar air conditioner power cord to a working power outlet and turn the main power switch to "On." Make sure the included duct is connected to the exhaust air outlet in the rear of the unit and the other end is positioned in an opening in a window for proper ventilation.

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Step 2

Press "Mode" until the "Cool" indicator light is illuminated. Press the up or down arrows to select the preferred room temperature. Press "Fan Speed" until the desired fan speed setting is achieved. Press "Swing" to activate the oscillation feature.


Step 3

Press "Mode" until "Dry" indicator light is illuminated if a dehumidifying effect is desired. Close the doors and windows for the best results.

Step 4

Press "Mode" until the "Fan" indicator light is illuminated to turn on the fan without the additional cooling effect of the air conditioner. Press "Fan Speed" to set the desired speed.


Step 5

Press "Timer On" to set the desired automatic shut-off time. The timer works in half-hour increments, so setting the timer to "0.5" will turn the air conditioner off after half an hour, while setting the timer to "2" will turn the air conditioner off in 2 hours.

Step 6

Disconnect power to the air conditioner and remove the filter cover on a regular basis. Pull the filter out and clean with warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Rinse well and dry the filter thoroughly in a cool location before sliding the filter back in the unit and closing the cover.


Step 7

Open the top lid and remove the water tank when the "Full" indicator light is illuminated. Empty the tank in a sink and replace the tank in the unit.



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