How to Clean a Manitowoc Ice Machine

On a regular schedule, a Manitowoc ice machine should be cleaned once every six months. However, there may be times within that span that necessitate a cleaning of the ice machine. Additionally, you should clean the machine immediately if it has not been on a regular six-month maintenance cleaning schedule. Also, clean the outside of the machine and the surrounding floor area as frequently as necessary.

Step 1

Remove the screws in the corners of the ice machine's top cover, using a screwdriver. Remove the cover.

Step 2

Lift and remove the machine's front door or, depending on the model, simply open the front door. Wait for the end of a harvest cycle, when the ice tumbles down from the evaporator, and flip the machine's toggle switch from ICE to the OFF position.

Step 3

Scoop all of the ice from the bin/dispenser, using the machine's plastic scoop, and dump the ice into a large plastic bag placed in a garbage can. Flip the toggle switch to the CLEAN position. Listen to the cleaning mode start as water refills the trough and flows over the evaporator.

Step 4

Pour the appropriate amount of ice machine cleaner into the water trough, depending on the model of the ice machine. For models S300, S320, and S420, add 3 ozs.; for S450, S500, S600, S850, S1000, and S1200 models, add 5 ozs.; for models S1400, S1600, and S1800, add 9 ozs.; and, for the S3300 model, add 16 ozs. Allow the machine to run through and complete the cleaning cycle.

Step 5

Flip the toggle switch into the OFF position. Disconnect the machine's power cord from the electrical outlet.

Step 6

Bend the water curtain in the center, slide it out from the right side, and slide out the left pin.

Step 7

Loosen the thumbscrew on the left side of the evaporator tray and pull the tray to the left, allowing it to drop as it totally disconnects from the right side also.

Step 8

Remove the water tray, pressing in the tabs on each side and pulling the tray out.

Step 9

Remove whatever components are inside the specific Manitowoc model, including the water level probe, water distribution tube, ice thickness probe and the water pump.

Step 10

Put on rubber gloves and eye protection, such as goggles. Mix 16 ozs. of Manitowoc ice machine cleaner with 1 gallon of warm water in a bucket. Clean each removed part of the machine with a soft cloth. Soak the parts in the cleaner/water solution for 5 minutes. Do not soak the water pump in cleaning solution.

Step 11

Wipe the ice machine's side walls, area around the base, plastic evaporator parts and bin with a cloth soaked with the cleaner/water solution.

Step 12

Remove all of the machine components from the cleaner/water solution and rinse them thoroughly with water. Also rinse off all parts of the machine that were cleaned.

Step 13

Install all of the removed components into the ice machine. Wait 30 minutes before plugging the power cord into the outlet.

Step 14

Switch the toggle switch to the ICE position. Install the screws in the top cover, and reinstall the front door.