Manitowoc Ice Maker Troubleshooting

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Manitowoc ice makers are standalone ice making machines for businesses and other users. The ice makers run on a dedicated water connection which allows the machine to continuously make ice. The ice makers may have problems with normal operation from time to time which will reduce the amount of ice the machine produces. Troubleshoot your Manitowoc ice maker, and make any needed fixes to return it to normal operation.


Ice Machine Not Operating

Times arise when the Manitowoc ice maker does not power on or operate when the power switch is set to "ICE." First, make sure that the power switch is fully on "ICE" and not "OFF" or "CLEAN." If the machine does not turn on, check that the power cord is connected to a working power outlet. If the power outlet is controlled by a wall switch, check that the switch is in the "On" position. If you are unsure whether the power outlet is working, plug another device into the outlet and check for power.


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If you are unable to work another device on the outlet, the ice machine may have blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. Replace the fuse or reset the breaker as needed.

Compressor Does Not Start

The Manitowoc ice maker will not make ice if the compressor does not start. If the compressor will not start, even if the gear motor is running, check for water in the water reservoir. Make sure the water valve is open and that the float valve screen isn't clogged. When clogged, the screen will reduce the flow of water. In order for the compressor to start, water needs to touch the water probe. Clean the screen as needed.


Another potential reason the compressor to not start is the condensing unit is not receiving power. Check for a broken fuse or tripped circuit breaker and change the fuse or reset the breaker as needed.

Poor Ice Quality

You may find that the quality of ice is poor or diminishes over time in the Manitowoc ice maker. This is often caused by the quality of the water entering the machine. First, check the water filter and replace it as needed. Water filters need to be replaced on a regular schedule to ensure high quality ice.


Next, make sure the water temperature entering the machine is below 90 degrees. The ice formed in the Manitowoc ice maker will be poor when using water at or above that temperature. Check that the machine is hooked up to a cold water valve.

Finally, the ice maker may be in a location where the water supply is poor. The water may have an increased amount of impurities and minerals that will hinder the ice quality. If you are unable to increase the quality of your ice, contact a water service company to test the water and add filters or water softeners as needed.



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