How to Clean a Hoover Carpet Cleaner

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The Hoover carpet cleaner makes quick work of cleaning carpets and upholstery. To keep your Hoover carpet cleaner operating efficiently, you should clean it monthly, or at least at regular intervals, depending upon how much you use the machine. Cleaning the Hoover carpet cleaner requires no tools because the parts snap on and off. Here's how to clean a Hoover carpet cleaner with a simple damp rag.


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1. Unplug the Carpet Cleaner

Turn off the Hoover carpet cleaner and unplug the power cord from the outlet. Locate the button that locks the solution tank to the machine. Press the button in with your finger and pull the solution tank away from the unit.

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2. Release the Recovery Tank

Push the release button to remove the recovery, or dirty water, tank. Pull up the handle on the recovery tank and lift to remove it from the machine.


3. Remove and Empty the Tanks

Press the two release latches on the top of each tank to remove the tank caps. Empty the tanks into a laundry sink. Rinse both tanks with warm water.

4. Wipe the Nozzle and Cleaner

Lift the nozzle on top of the cleaner head where it meets the handle. Slide the nozzle off of the cleaner head. Wipe dirt and debris off the nozzle and the front of the cleaner head with a damp cloth.


5. Reinstall the Nozzle

Tilt the cleaner so that the front of the head is off the floor. Slide the nozzle upward over the channel from below the cleaner head until it snaps into place. Make sure all parts are securely in place when reinstalling to avoid problems with your Hoover carpet cleaner.


6. Rinse the Brush Assembly

Tilt the Hoover carpet cleaner on its back with the handle on the floor. Grab the brushes at both ends and pull them out of the cleaner head. Rinse the brush assembly under cold water to remove dirt and debris.

7. Reassemble the Cleaner Head

Align the end tabs on the brush assembly with the slots on each side of the cleaner. Align the post on the center of the assembly with the slot in the center of the cleaner. Push the brush assembly into the cleaner head firmly until it locks into place.


8. Clean the Filter

Locate the brush filter on the bottom of the cleaner head. The filter is just below the second brush from the right on the bottom of the head. Pull the filter frame out of the head with your fingers until it stops. Wipe dirt and grime from the filter with a damp cloth and push it back into the cleaner head.


9. Store the Carpet Cleaner

Store your Hoover carpet cleaner until you are ready to use it again. Refill the solution tank with the recommended cleaning solution according to the owner's manual and clean the carpets at least once or twice a year, depending on how many pets, people and guests traipse across your carpets.



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