How to Remove an Icemaker From a Kenmore Refrigerator

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Make sure to turn off your refrigerator before removing your icemaker.
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The Kenmore ice machine works diligently and quietly to create ice on the hour, hopefully. When it begins to groan and bang as ice is created in the multiple-part machine, then it may be time to do a bit of investigating and make sure all is well with the Kenmore ice maker.


Completely removing the ice maker can create more space in the freezer compartment. However, there are many benefits to having a well-working ice maker in the Kenmore kitchen appliance. Replacing the ice maker is a relatively simple endeavor.

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How the Ice Machine Works

A Kenmore ice machine pulls water from the main water system in the home and then freezes it in the small machine located in the door or freezer compartment.


A Kenmore ice machine is built to last, but it can suffer some problems over time or not produce as it should if it isn't regularly maintained. If the Kenmore Elite ice maker is not filling with water, under-producing, creating foul-tasting ice cubes or simply is no longer needed, then it can be removed without affecting the operation of the refrigerator.

Remove the Ice Maker

Before you embark on removing the ice maker from the refrigerator, it should be unplugged. You'll be working with water lines and screwdrivers, so it is safer to do this to an appliance that has no power surging through it. Open the Kenmore freezer compartment and remove the ice bucket and chiller shelf just beneath it.


The mounting bracket should now be visible. Use a Phillips head screwdriver or a hex head tool to loosen the screws. Do not completely remove the mounting bracket and screws just yet, according to RR Appliance Services.

Slide the ice maker body upward until the mounting screws fall into the wider area of the mounting tab and are loose. Remove the ice maker from the tabs by lowering it gently. You should now be able to access the rear of the freezer compartment and unplug the ice maker cords from the refrigerator to remove the ice maker from the Kenmore refrigerator.


Replace a Kenmore Ice Machine

For a side-by-side Kenmore refrigerator, you may need to work beneath the ice maker to remove it from its cradle inside the appliance. In the right rear corner, remove the screw beneath the ice maker. Remove the plastic cover and push in the tab that is located to the left of the ice maker.


Release the locking tab on the wire harness plug with a slot screwdriver, according to Sears Parts Direct. Remove the ice maker from the rails to get to the wire harness and remove it from the plug. This will release the ice maker from the refrigerator.

Replace the Ice Maker

To replace the ice maker in the Kenmore fridge, attach the mounting plate to the new machine. Align the screw holes on the bottom of the mounting plate and slip them in, twisting until they are tight. Hold the ice maker close to the mounting rails and snap the harness into place.


Line the new ice maker up with the mounting rails and push onto the rails so that the fill tube is in the fill cup. Slide the ice maker module until it locks into place.



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